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How to design PDA/Mobile news!

Title must be clear: PhatNotes v5.4 Build 5.621.0312


Windows Mobile 6-6.1| 1.3MB | English[/center]

PhatNotes is an award-winning notes organizer for Microsoft Windows based Pocket PC, Microsoft Windows Mobile based Smartphone, and Desktop PC. You can create notes providing them with category, subject, creation and modification date, which helps to find required information quickly and easily.[cut]

With PhatNotes you can search for specific text in a specific field and sort notes by category, date, or subject. You can protect notes from unauthorized access with a password and send e-mail messages directly from the Note Editor. Interface to the Contacts Database enables you to pick an e-mail address instead of typing it in. PhatNotes uses a compressed database, saving limited storage space. The intuitive, easy user interface lets you start using the program within minutes. PhatNotes allows synchronizing multiple notes databases between the desktop PC and mobile device.

[b]Benefits and Features[/b]
Organize your notes - by clicking on the column header buttons you can sort notes by creation date, modification date, subject and type.
Compatibility - export and import notes as text files or transfer data to and from other applications using copy and paste.
Efficiency - small size of the program and compressed database leaves plenty of storage space.
Simple User Interface - intuitive user interface allows you to start using PhatNotes right away.
Email capability - send email messages directly from the Note Editor by clicking on the Send Mail button.
Customizable Views - provides a wide range of modifiable look and feel settings.
Advanced Filters and Text Search - allows a user to search one or more notes databases for a specific text or a regular expression, and filter by text, creation, modification, authoring dates, color, and priority.
ActiveSync support - allows synchronization of multiple notes databases with the desktop PC.
Microsoft Outlook Support - import or export Microsoft Outlook notes and email messages.
Hierarchical Notes Organizer - allows a user to group notes by creation or modification dates, type, color, and priority.
Hyperlinks between Notes - allows a user to create links and cross references notes.
Context Analyzer - allows dialing phone numbers, opening URLs, and sending emails by clicking on a word that represents a phone number, a URL, or an email address.
Comprehensive User's Guide - 180 pages long PhatNotes User's Guide is also available in HTML and PDF formats online.
File Attachments - up to 32 files can be linked to a note.
Database Tree View - optional database view provides easy access to multiple notes databases.
Spell Checker - now includes PhatSpell Spell Checker with the English dictionary (dictionaries for other languages supported by PhatSpell can be downloaded from PhatWare web site free of charge).
Today screen add-on - provides an easy access to PhatNotes application recently modified notes directly from the Pocket PC today screen.
Authoring date - a new editable date field.
Customizable Toolbars - choose from the selection of over 30 buttons.
Text Formatting - text formatting is now supported on Pocket PCs.
PhatPad support - PhatNotes provides direct access to PhatPad, which allows a user to attach handwritten notes in just two taps.

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PhatNotes, mobile WM

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