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Title must be clear: VA - Vintage Cafe - Lounge And Jazz Blends (2 CD) (2007)


MP3 207 kbps VBR avg | Lounge/Jazz/Lo-Fi/Easy Listening | 106:38 min | 2 CD | 145 MB[/center]

In this book you will hear pop-songs in Jazz- and Lounge compilation, to get rid of anxiety and tension, and for a time to turn away from everyday worries...[cut]

[b]Track Listing

Disc: 1[/b]
01. Dual Sessions - Black Coffee
02. Karen Souza - Creep
03. Urselle - Purple Rain
04. Eve St. John - Space Cowboy
05. Sarah Menescal - Don't Speak
06. Urban Love + Aneka - Beast Of Burden
07. Jamie Lancaster - Boys Don't Cry
08. Michelle Simonal - With Or Without You
09. James Farrelli - In The Air Tonight
10. Stereo Dub - Luna De Alegrias
11. Ituana - Waiting In Vain
12. Tango Tripping Project - El Exilio Del Tango
13. Urselle - I Will Try
14. George White Group - Gypsy Woman (She Is Homeless)

[b]Disc: 2[/b]
01. The Cooltrane Quartet - Should I Stay Or Should I Go
02. 48th. St. Collective - Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)
03. Corcovado Frequency - Connect
04. Ituana - You Can't Always Get What You Want
05. Dinah Eastwood - Hungry Like The Wolf
06. Sao Vicente - Ishtar
07. Karen Souza - Do You Really Want To Hurt Me
08. The Cooltrane Quartet - Like A Virgin
09. Groove Da Praia - Is This Love
10. Jazzystics Feat. Karen Souza - Personal Jesus
11. The Cooltrane Quartet - Wonderwall
12. Stella Starlight Trio - Don't You (Forget About Me)
13. Anakelly - November Rain
14. Oman Chali - Andalusi Mood

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