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Title must be clear: Fabrication and Welding Engineering


592 pages | Newnes (July 14, 2008) | 0750666919 | PDF | 8 Mb[/center]

This brand new textbook by one of the leading engineering authors covers basic sheet-metal fabrication and welding engineering principles and applications in one volume - an unrivalled comprehensive coverage that reflects current working and teaching practice. It is fully up-to-date with the latest technical information and best practice and also includes chapters on non-technical but equally essential subjects such as health and safety, personal development and communication of technical information.[cut]

Roger Timings covers these areas of mechanical engineering and workshop practice in a highly practical and accessible style. Hundreds of illustrations demonstrate the practical application of the procedures described. The text includes worked examples for calculations and key points to aid revision. Each chapter starts with learning outcome summaries and ends with exercises which can be set as assignemnts.

The coverage is based on the SEMTA National Occupational Standards which makes this book applicable to a wide range of courses and ensures it also acts as a vital ongoing reference source in day-to-day working practice. All students, trainees and apprentices at up to and including Level 3 will find this book essential reading, particularly those taking:

Level 2 NVQs in Performing Engineering Operations
Level 2 and 3 NVQs in Fabrication and Welding Engineering
Level 2 NVQs in Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering
C&G 2800 Certificate and Level 3 Diplomas in Engineering and Technology
SEMTA Apprenticeships in Engineering

* Welding & Fabrication topics presented together in one text, in line with current teaching practice
* Fully up to date with the latest specifications for fabrication & welding course units for all the most popular qualifications
* Written by a leading engineering author

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