Rules to be followed literally by all members

A) Points you should be aware of

1- Now each member has his/her own Blog, so you can show the world your talent !
2- Old SA is completely different from New version of SA.
3- SA gives you space to publish what you're interested in with excellent traffic of visitors but now it depends on you to attract traffic "to Connect" your Blog by your distinguished contributions.
4- SA Only has the right to choose from now on, Only some quality articles to be shown on Main pages ! no objections will be accepted !
5- Consequently only 0day updated applications - Some Excellent Graphic files - Some interesting E-books - Some attractive movies - also that goes with the other Categories.
6- DO NOT ever repost any article refused by SA to be on Main, otherwise banning you & removing articles will be the answer !
7- You DO NOT have any right to disturb SA Team with questions like "why isn't my article on Main" also DO NOT pm!

B) We Do NOT Allow or Accept any Other Site ads in any File or in any Other Way !

C) Some notes you Must take into account before submitting any article

1- To avoid duplicates you Must
(a) try to follow up site daily article by article !
(b) Use search engine
(c) use tags like this, if you want to search a word like - Makeup

2- Now in your article, tags Must contain the main words "without any number" of the title of your article, thus duplicates will be terminated ! Note: Tags it's not "Title" of your Article but it is the description of your article in words
Example: Video DVD Maker PRO v3.13.0.36, Must be thus- Video, DVD, Maker
But If you write " Video DVD Maker PRO v3.13.0.36" - (as one word) it's not right! it's not Counted as TAG.

3- TAGS for XXX (adult (18+) ) must be ONLY Starring (actors names) !
4- TAGS for Video and Music Must contain Starring (actors or singers names) Besides the usual article title

D) You Must use now relevant Templates to post in any Category on Main, or no chance to be published !

SoftWare | Music | Games | Books | Movies/TV | Graphics

For any post follow its appropriate Template exactly as it is !

E) Article has a title and it is divided into 2 parts with [cut] Tag; Short Description then [cut] then Full Description ! also DON'T use COLOR Fonts in any part of the article !

F) Title Must be

1) accurate and correct - for SOFTWARE it Must contain version and exact Build !
2) Such words (Crack, Keygen, Patch, Serial, Addon) NOT permited at all !

G) Short Description

1- It Must have: Cover Picture (Must be uploaded Only to via "Create New Topic" page), short details about it; file information and size [NO Links to Be Inserted Here !!!]
2- Follow one of the appropriate Templates !
3- All bb codes BOLD and CENTER opened [] befor CUT must be closed [/] before [cut]

[center] ---- Image --------------------------
[b] -------------[/b][/center][cut]

4- Use Bold [b] & [/b] ONLY for very few words or just in one line ! NO More !

H) You MUST add tag [cut]

I) Full Description

1- You Must provide here all detailed description of your article !
2- Images permitted here up to 15 ! all must be upload Only to via "Create New Topic" page!
3- You can use hide Tag (Example: [hide] HomePage URL and Downloadable Links [/hide], It's up to you (Optional) !
4- Homepage URL Must be provided via And Must be here to make sure of the Info you provide !
Example: [url=]HomePage[url]

5- All Liks Must be inserted here! Articles MUST contain 2 of the following File Hosts:
- Nitroflare
- RapidGator
- Uploaded
+ You can add any other host beside the 2 mandatory from above.
+ all of file hostings MUST support free download.

::: All uploaded files MUST have PREFIX or PASSWORD : "" or "". Note: Who will cheat - you will get banned forever.

::: Forcing users to purchase a premium account in order to download a file(s) is a strict no no.

::: If you like to upload to One Host Only, so it's Must be Mediafire or Mega

::: Mediafire and Mega links are always welcome! If you could support then do add the Mediafire or Mega links also in posts for downloaders.

::: Do not delete the old files you have uploaded to MF which was posted on SA before.

importantly >>> ::: Article MUST contain info about File Hostings whom User can Download. File Hostings Must be select while Submitting Article to SA.
::: Tag [hide] [/hide] can be used for Mediafire/Mega links, but before this tag you MUST inform about what contain in hide section.
For example:
[hide] links here [/hide]

::: Tag [spoiler=HOST NAME or SOME INFO ABOUT RELEASE(for example from NFO file)] links or info here [/spoiler] - MUST contain correct info about what this spoiler contain.
Note: If you use it for download links - MUST provide info about which File-host links inside spoiler
For example:
[spoiler=Mirror (MEDIAFIRE.COM)]MF links here[/spoiler]

6- Main words of the title "without any number" of your article Must be included in tags "area" to index your article correctly and prevent duplicates !
7- For Freeware soft You Must mention it as "It's a freeware post" and you Must provide its source downloadable link from its Homepage (DO NOT USE or for it) + any mirrors you like. Also MUST add sub-category - "Freeware"
8 - OR Must be used for Homepage URL of SoftWare or Game. ( - OPTIONAL & NOT necessary)
9- If File Size is more than 100 Mb, minimum file Size (archive or rar) for 1 part Must be at least 100 Mb.
10- Forcing users to purchase a premium account in order to download a file(s) is a strict no no.
11- NO Password of any kind allowed at all ! (except passsword)
12- NO link hiding sites ( or CASH url sites like "ucash, usercash, linkbucks or sharecash" ! post will be removed & you get banned !
14- NO counters sites (like
13- Do NOT submit old previous out-of-date stuff downloads !
14- Please Do Not Submit "Erotic Photos" or Sets (exception to the rule - Official Magazines marked by editions or issues)
15- DO NOT collect some images and pack them to be a post, It's useless and will not be accepted !
16- For publishers ! it's not appropriate to delete all comments, made by members, from your article ! but contrarily react positively with !
17- RELIGIOUS or POLITICAL articles of any kind even for educational purpose NOT accepted - WILL NOT be approved and WILL be removed !!!

J) Some Notes to help you Submit Correctly !

1- Title Must be accurate real version with build !
2- What's New and Bug Fixes Must be mentioned !
3- File size & HomePage Must be mentioned !

B) Music
Release time - Genre - BitRate - Format - Language English - Size

C) Games
Release - Genre - Developer - Language - Size

D) E-Books
592 pages | Newnes (July 14, 2008) | 0750666919 | PDF | 8 Mb
Pages - Date - ISBN - Format - Size

E) Video
IMDB info - Language: English + Subtitle: English
1:24:56 | 704 x 416 | PAL (25fps) | DivX | MP3 - 128kbps | 699 MB
Genre: Action | Crime | Drama | Thriller

Windows Mobile 6-6.1| 1.3MB | English

G) Graphic
(30 JPG | 2088x2225 | 300 dpi | 21.56 MB)
(Format - Dimentions - DPI info - File size)

K) XXX (18+)

1- Only Full Complete Movies - Known Studios - Min. 60 mintues.
2- Four posts allowed everyday for members (Maximum 2 post for Adult Set or unlimit adult image post a day with metart, metmodels ( one post must contain 4 set at least)), but however, we will CHOOSE the BEST only for Main Pages, So if not published DO NOT REPOST ever or get it removed & banned !
3. Short content for video must have (before [cut] tag) : Title, Genre, Starring, Video, Audio, Duration, Size, Release Date, Description (optional)
4. To make searching by tags better , getting various releases and more . We Decide That Duplicates Articles are not allowed even on your Blogs!
5. All downloadable links Must be started with the PREFIX

L) Rule for Music, Video & XXX (18+)

For any reason of any kind WE DO NOT ACCEPT NOW Russian, Arabic, Indian, Asian, etc., But ONLY English with English Cover and Only Very Popular World singing stars.

M) Ban & Remove Blogs

We Will ban anyone & remove his blogs if anyone breaks or violates Rules
1- Any kind of spam, any mention of any other site within your post !
2- Any image watermarked or stamped in anyway with other sites or even with other name not yours !
3- Clone account to post more than permit.
4- NO link hiding sites or CASH url sites like "ucash, usercash, linkbucks"

N) Not for Main

1- For Some Categories like Graphic (or what we determine), NOT every post will be on Main Pages, Only We will Choose the Best of the Best to be there, if you repost what refused or Not published on Main we will remove & ban you ! you have your own blog, so Keep it there !
2- Do Not PM SA Team to ask "why my post Not on Main" to avoid ban !

O) All Rules Must be Fully Respected, no item to escape !

Last Updates:

15 June 2015, Rules about File Hostings - UPDATED

25 July 2014, What's New and Bugs Fixes Must be mentioned for SoftWare/Apps. LEARN MORE

8 February 2014, Do not add any tags of sub-categories in TAGS field. This rule was canceled (Now you can choose subcategories much easier).

29 June 2013, Use Mega ( links to get some privilege. LEARN MORE

08 April 2013, Image hosting update. LEARN MORE

25 February 2013, NOT Allowed Anymore. LEARN MORE

5 February 2012, Rules for "Spoiler" Tag added. LEARN MORE

30 April 2012, Using and - UPDATED

30 April 2012, Posting of FreeWare Software on SoftArchive - UPDATED

15 June 2012, Rules about File Hostings - UPDATED

30 June 2012, Rules about File Hostings - UPDATED

10 Sep 2012, Rules about File Hostings Short Description changed - UPDATED

7 Dec 2012, RapidShare has been removed from rules. - UPDATED

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