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  • Happy Holidays from all of us at SoftArchive!

    Dearest Friends!
    SoftArchive Team wishes YOU most amazing holidays from core of our heart.

    We always appreciate your continues support whether you are a guest, member, subscriber, uploader or past staff member. You all are the part of what SoftArchive is today and we assure you our hard work and continues struggle to bring new releases, features and a great helping community in 2015 and beyond.

    Again thanks to everyone for continue presence here, have a Fabulous New Year and enjoy the fireworks keeping your safety in mind.

    With best wishes,
    SoftArchive Team
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  • Xbox Live and PlayStation Network are still recovering from outage

    Santa is finally coming for gamers, as Sony and Microsoft restore their online services. On December 25th both PlayStation Network and Xbox Live had been under attack by a group named Lizard Squad, making it difficult for gamers to log on. These attacks are not the first this month, but they couldn't happen at a worse moment for the millions of users on both PSN and Xbox Live.
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  • Lizard Squad attacks EA, Panics Swedish Agency

    Lizard Squad was at it again yesterday, attacking Electronic Arts and causing some unexpected spill over in Sweden. Lizard Squad has been attacking gaming company’s that rely on internet lately, and last night added Electronic Arts to the list with another DDOS that took out EA’s servers for several hours last night.
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