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  • File Hosting Rule Update

    Dear SA members,

    This is to inform you that one very important File Hosting rule has been revised and will be applied fully after 15th of June 2015.

    Like in past, we are making one File Hosting Mandatory for all posts which will be Current rule will be no more effective after 15th June. Sure, uploaders can use RG and UL additionally with Nitroflare. Only NF link in post will be allowed also.

    Update (31 May):
    Upon your feedback on new rule, we decided following changes:
    RG + UL Mandatory + any other File Hosting uploaders want
    NF + RG Mandatory + any other File Hosting uploaders want
    NF + UL Mandatory + any other File Hosting uploaders want

    The post will contain minimum 2 file hosts, uploaders have a choice from RG,UL,NF. 3rd one is not mandatory but if uploaders want, they can add as many hosts as they want.

    Thanks for your feedback which is always valuable to us.We hope that SA will be your first choice always because SATeam cares.

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  • Hi all!

    SA is moving to domain. You all will be automatically redirected from to from now on.

    SA Team
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  •  Some new changes with "titles" mode!

    Hello folks,

    We have made few more changes and thought to share it with all of you.

    Default widgets for [titles] mode from now on will show only POPULAR of the week posts. (instead of latest posts in categories)

    If you need any Category widget with LATEST posts - add it in My Profile => Frontpage Widgets. It's easy.
    With "Frontpage Widgets" page, you can customize titles mode the way you like it...anything can be added/removed/moved.

    Also as a bonus we have added category icons for titles mode, now all posts have own icon, hope this will help you to navigate on SA more easily.

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  • New version of SA "titles" mode!
    We are Back With more Fantastic Addition!

    In our previous post, we showed beta version of main page. It is available now!

    As you can see one more button added on main page named "titles".This button will customize pages of SA to show them as "titles" - simple , short and informative. Not Like? no problem, you can stay with Covers or List mode also.

    More info about this fantastic mode "titles", find out It inside ...
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  • Google Apps ‘Defect’ Leaks Private WHOIS Data Of 280,000

    Google has notified hundreds of thousands of domain registrants that their private WHOIS information has been exposed in the clear, opening them up to identity theft, phishing scams and more. Researchers from Cisco Talos last night said the problem likely lies with one of Google’s registrar partners eNom and affects 94 percent of the 305,925 domains registered through the partnership. (In the image above is a sample before-and-after of a leaked domain record.)
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  • New Private Message System! New Main Page Style in BETA!

    Smile Guys, We are back with two new additions to SA!

    1) New PM (Private Message System)
    As you can guess from title , New PM system has been introduced ! No more Inbox and Sent messages, now it's "Dialog" system. All messages with users will be on single page. Also we enable "Search in messages" feature. Hope you will like it! Please comment if you need more features in new PM/Dialog system, for example: CHAT feature like in social networks.

    2) New Main Page Style in BETA!
    New main page style is available now to view on "". This is in beta testing and for view only but in final version, this page will have settings to ADD/REMOVE ANY category/subcategory from this page. Also change position number for any cat/sub-cat. We will continue to work on this BETA version if you really like it and help us to improve it by leaving fruitful thoughts in comments.

    Stay Tuned with SA Team !
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  • Wanna Type Faster? Meet a Buzzy New Keyboard

    When Ray McEnaney types, he’s confident it’s the most efficient way possible. But it’s not typing school that’s given him this feeling. It’s his keyboard. Frustrated with the limitations of the traditional QWERTY layout, McEnaney spent the last decade designing a new one. Considering that the universal key arrangement was designed in the typewriter age — patented in 1878 — an alternative seems due. This one’s inspired by a bee.
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  • Apple car reportedly ready for the road by 2020

    You’d better start saving as soon as you buy your Apple watch, because an Apple car to go with it could be on sale as early as 2020.
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  • Why Apple won’t build the 'iCar'

    Reports over the past week, led by the normally well-informed and rumour-averse Wall Street Journal, say Apple has hired hundreds of automotive engineers to work on something codenamed 'Project Titan'. It's a car.
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  • Google, Amazon, Microsoft pay to get ads past Adblock Plus

    Image of Stop sign courtesy of ShutterstockAd-buying big boys Google, Amazon, Microsoft and the content marketing platform Taboola have quietly ponied up the money to keep their ads from being blocked on Adblock Plus, the world's most popular software for blocking online advertising.
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  • Elon Musk's Plan to Build a Space Internet

    Because he doesn't have enough going on, Elon Musk—he of Tesla Motors, SpaceX, SolarCity, and the Hyperloop—is launching another project. Musk wants to build a second Internet in space and one day use it to connect people on Mars to the Web.
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  • The rise and fall of fitness trackers

    Looking ahead to 2015, wearable technology's most successful gaggle of gadgets to date is set to lose steam to the smartwatch.
    Wearable tech is dedicated to staying on your wrist, but its face is changing fast.
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