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  • The Forest 0.19C (2015 / RePack by xGhost )
    The Forest 0.19C (2015 / RePack by xGhost )
    2015 | Developer: Endnight Games Ltd | Published: Endnight Games Ltd | Language: Russian, English | Language: English | Version: 0.19C | 918.37 MB
    Genre: Action, FPS, Adventure, Simulator

    The Forest - Action open world and a first-person, which is set in the forest, where hero to build a shelter and defend themselves from genetic mutants using an improvised weapon.
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  • Edna & Harvey The Breakout - GOG (2008)
    Edna & Harvey The Breakout - GOG (2008)
    English | PC | Developer: Daedalic Entertainment | Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment | 2008 | 1.24 GB
    Genre: Adventure - Point-and-click - Puzzle

    At the beginning, young Edna wakes up in the padded cell of an insane asylum with no memory of her past. She doesn’t have the slightest idea how she wound up there, but one thing is for sure, she wants out! After all, she feels perfectly sane – and her talking stuffed bunny Harvey agrees completely.
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  • Starpoint Gemini 2 Origins 2015 - SKIDROW
    Starpoint Gemini 2 Origins-SKIDROW
    English | PC | 2015 | 5.22 GB
    Genre: Action, RPG, Simulation

    Gemini star system is a former colony of the gigantic Earth Empire. 23 years ago the rule of the Gemini Colonial Directorate was challenged by the Gemini League; a group of young revolutionaries whose only goal was a unified, but more importantly free and independent Gemini.
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  • SHOFER Race Driver (2015)
    Shofer Race Driver 2015 - RELOADED
    2015 | PC | Developer: Zhoori Maang Entertainment | Publisher: Zhoori Maang Entertainment | 2.01 GB
    Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Arabic
    Genre: Racing, Simulation, Sport

    Master time to become the ultimate weapon!
    Dr. Aiden Krone has made a Time Jump across the space-time continuum - a reckless act with frightening consequences.
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  • Desktop Dungeons EE + Goatperson DLC - GOG
    Desktop Dungeons EE + Goatperson DLC - GOG
    English | PC | Company:QCF Design | 2013 | 260 MB
    Genre: Strategy | Turn-based | Roguelike

    The Desktop Dungeons: Enhanced Edition has arrived.
    Now with new content and quests, new classes (that's 21 total now if you've been keeping count) and a new way to play: For the first time ever, compete against your friends (or the world at large) in the seeded Daily Dungeon.
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  • Anna's Quest (2015/RePack by RG Mechanics)
    Anna's Quest (2015/RePack by RG Mechanics)
    2015 | Developer: Krams Design | Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment | PC | Language: RUS / ENG | Multi5 | Sound language: ENG | 865.05 MB
    Genre: Adventure

    Dragons, witches, trolls ... No one can not cope with Anna. Get their help her telekinesis, unconventional approach to the use of instruments of torture, the ability for the first time on the monitors - the world Dana Crams! But do not be fooled by its appearance, there is not so easy!
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  • Euro Truck Simulator 2 v (2013/ RePack by uKC)
    Euro Truck Simulator 2 v (2013/ RePack by uKC)
    2013 | Developer: SCS Software | Publisher: Excalibur Publishing | language: Rus + Eng | 4.38 GB
    Genre: Racing , Simulator , 3D

    Euro Truck Simulator 2 gives you the experience of managing the most powerful cars ever to appear on the road highways and motorways in Europe.
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  • Dying Light : Ultimate Edition v 1.6.1 + DLCs (2015/RePack by xatab)
    Dying Light : Ultimate Edition v 1.6.1 + DLCs (2015/RePack by xatab)
    2015 | Developer: Techland | Publisher: Techland | Language: RUS | ENG | Sound language: ENG | 9.40 GB
    Genre: Action , Survival Horror, 3D , 1st Person

    Dying Light - action-survival game in the first person. The game takes place in a huge open world and dangerous.
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  • Train Crisis Plus v2.7.2

    Train Crisis Plus v2.7.2 | Tot 156 Mb

    Requirements: Android: 2.3.3 and up
    Overview: ***** NOW 7 COMPLETE ERAS INCLUDED! *****
    Would you like to travel through the history of the railroad?
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  • Mind Snares: Alice's Journey v1.0

    Mind Snares: Alice's Journey v1.0 | Tot 265 Mb

    Requirements: Varies with device
    Overview:Overcome your biggest fears in this heart-pounding adventure!
    Alice Dahl is bogged down in her day-to-day routine, stuck in a dead-end office job but unable to leave due to personal fears. One day, while rushing to a client meeting in the rain, her car careens out of control and crashes. When Alice awakens, she finds herself in a hospital …
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  • Never Alone Kisima Ingitchuna v1.0.0

    Never Alone Kisima Ingitchuna v1.0.0 + Data for Android | 514 Mb

    Requirements: Android 2.3+
    Overview: In this atmospheric puzzle platformer, you will explore awe-inspiring environments, perform heroic deeds, and meet legendary characters from Iñupiaq stories — all narrated by a master storyteller in the spoken Iñupiaq language.
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  • Lara Croft: Relic Run v1.0.39 + Mod + Data for Android

    Lara Croft: Relic Run v1.0.39 + Mod + Data for Android | 80 Mb

    Lara Croft: Relic Run is the all new free action adventure for nostalgic Lara Croft fans. When a shadowy conspiracy threatens the world, only Lara Croft is equipped to unearth the truth. Collect clues to uncover ancient relics. Run, swing, drive, and swan dive your way through beautiful and challenging environments in this classic action game. There’s no time to waste, but how long can you survive?
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  • Trine 3: The Artifacts Of Power v 0.07 (2015/MULTi8/RePack by SpaceX)
    Trine 3: The Artifacts Of Power v 0.07 (2015/MULTi8/RePack by SpaceX)
    Developer: Frozenbyte | Publisher: Frozenbyte | Language: EN / FR / DE / PL / ES / IT / BR + Rus | Language: English | 3.19 GB
    Genre: Arcade, Adventure, Indy

    Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power - a magical, full of perilous journey of three characters: the wizard Amadeus, Pontius the knight and the thief Zoya.
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  • Pillars Of Eternity v1.0.6.0617 (2015MULTi5/RePack by SpaceX)
    Pillars Of Eternity v1.0.6.0617 (2015MULTi5/RePack by SpaceX)
    2015 | Developer: Obsidian Entertainment | Publisher: Paradox Interactive | Language: EN / FR / DE / ES / PL + Rus | Language: English | 8.10 GB
    Genre: Adventure, RPG, Isometric

    Pillars of Eternity - is an exciting role-playing game with isometric view, the effect of which develops in a fantasy world. The project represented a tactical combat system that allows at any time to stop the action and give orders to the hero and his companions. Map of the world contains a variety of unique locations and additional zones with a variety of quests.
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  • Lords Of The Fallen (2014/MULTi11)
    Lords Of The Fallen (2014/MULTi11)
    2014 | Developers: City Interactive and Deck13 Interactive | Publisher: Namco Bandai Games | Language: En, Angliysky, Fr, It, Ger, Spa, Jap, Pol, Port, Braz, Ch | Sound language: English | Size: 14,87 GB
    Genre: RPG (Rogue / Action) / 3D / 3rd Person

    "In the era of the ancient god of evil rules the world and all of humanity lived under his heel. But the fear chilling the hearts of the people gave way to rage, and the morning came the Great Revolt, when the struggle for freedom. After a glorious victory over the overthrown god, people installed ... a new order in which there is no forgiveness of sin and salvation is not available to anyone.
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