Giant Collection of UFO eBooks Volume 1

Giant Collection of UFO eBooks Volume 1
English | PDF | Collection | 1 Gb

A Paranormal Story - Jeff Behnkepdf
A Wanderers Handbook - Carla Rueckert
Alien Abductions - A Critical Reader
Alien Encounters - Chuck Missler
Alien Initiations - Harald Kleemann
Alien Interview - Matilda O'Donnell MacElroy
Alien Mind - A Primer - George LoBuono
Alien Revelation - Tony Ruggiero
Alien Within - Richard Allen
Allies of Humanity Book 1 - Marshall Summers
An Introductory Guide to Ufos - Robert Morore
Andromeda - Robert Shapiro
Angels in Starships - GIORGIO DIBITONTO
Angels, Women, Sex and the Occult - William F. Dankenbring
Atlantis, Alien Visitation, and Genetic Manipulation - Michael Tsarion
Barbara - The Story of a UFO Investigator
Behold a Pale Horse - Milton Cooper
Bringers of the Dawn - Barbara Marciniak
Chasing Phantoms - Carissa Conti
Come Sail Away - Guy Malone
Communication With Extraterrestrial Intelligence - LD Callimahos
Communion - Whitley Strieber
Contact With Alien Civilizations - Michael A.G. Michaud
Cosmic Explorers - Courtney Brown
Cosmos - Carl Sagan
CRASH AT CORONA - Stanton Friedman
Creatures in the Mist - Gary R. Varner
Crop Circles A Beginner's Guide - Hugh Manistre
Crop Circles Signs of Contact - Colin Andrews
Dark Object - Don Ledger and Chris Styles
Discerning Alien Disinfo - Montalk
Disclosure Military and Government
Disneyland of the Gods - John Keel
Divine Encounters - Zecharia Sitchin
DMT The Spirit Molecule - Rick Strassman
E.T. Talk - Fernando J. Ballesteros
Encyclopedia of Mind Control - Jim Keith
Erich von Daniken - Chariots Of The Gods
Erich von Daniken - Miracles Of The Gods
Erich von Daniken - Return To The Stars
Erich von Daniken - The Gold Of The Gods
ET Contact - Gina Lake
Evidence - David Sereda
Exopolitics A Comprehensive Briefing - Ed Komarek
Extraordinary Encounters - Jerome Clark
Extraterrestrials and Aliens - Various Info
Extraterrestrials Where Are They - Ben Zuckerman and Michael Hart
Facts and Stories - Unknown Author
Fire From the Sky - Contact Journal
Firefighters FEMA UFO Training Manual
First Contact - Billy Meier
Flying Saucers Fact or Fiction - Max Miller
Flying Saucers Have Landed - George Adamski
Fringe Knowledge For Beginners - Montalk
Genesis for the New Space Age - John B. Leith
Genesis Revisited - Zecharia Sitchin
George Adamski - The Story of a UFO Contactee
Giants, Nephilim, and the ancient Egyptians - Jeremy Kapp
God Drives A Flying Saucer - R.L. Dione
High Strangeness Of Dimensions - Laura Knight-Jadczyk
Hitlers Flying Saucers - Henry Stevens
How to Refuse Alien Abduction - Lightside UFO Study Group
I Forgot What I Wasn't Supposed to Remember - K Wilson
Inside Saucer Post 3 - Leonard Stringfield
Inside the Spaceships - George Adamski
Intelligent Design - Rael
Into The Bermuda Triangle - Gian J. Quasar
Into the Fringe - Karla Turner
Is Another World Watching - Gerald Heard
Jacques Vallee - Confrontations - A Scientist's Search for Alien Contact
Jacques Vallee - Dimensions - A Casebook of Alien Contact
Jacques Vallee - Passport to Magonia
Jacques Vallee - Revelations - Alien Contact and Human Deception
John E. Mack on Dreamland
Keepers of the Garden - Dolores Cannon
Legacy from the Stars - Dolores Cannon
Leslie Kean - UFOs- Generals, Pilots & Government Officials Go On the Record
Lost Book of Enki - Zecharia Sitchin
Mars As The Abode of Life - Percival Lowell
Masquerade of Angels - Karla Turner
Meiers Summary of Contact
Messages from the Stars - Ian Ridpath
Mothman Prophecies - John Keel
My Contact with Flying Saucers - Dino Kraspedon
My Trip to Mars - William Ferguson
Mysterious Beings - John Keel
Mysterious Visitors - UFO Story
Nasa Mooned America - Ralph Rene
New Lands - Charles Fort
Occult Science Dictatorship - William Lyne
Operation Trojan Horse - John Keel
Other Tongues Other Flesh - George Hunt Williamson
Our Haunted Planet - John Keel
Penetration - Ingo Swann
Pentagon Aliens - William Lyne
Physics of a Flying Saucer - Ted Roach
RattleSnake Fire - Jean Eisenhower
Regional Encounters - The FC Files
Return of the Star Gods - Richard Vizzutti
Roswell Testimony - Christopher Schmidt
Secret Cipher of the Ufonauts - Allen Greenfield
Secret of the Ages UFOs Inside the Earth - Brinsley le Poer Trench
Secret Projects Flying Saucer Aircraft - Bill Rose and Tony Buttler
Sedona UFO Connection - Richard Dannelley
Skeptics Guide to the Paranormal - Lynne Kelly
Son of the Sun - Orfeo Angelucci
Stairway to Heaven - Zecharia Sitchin
Star Gods of the Maya - Susan Milbrath
Star Kids - Richard Boylan
Steps to the Stars - Daniel Fry
Strange Evidence - Bill Chalker
Strangers From The Skies - Brad Steiger
Taken - Karla Turner
Tbird vs The Flying Saucers - Michael Topper
The 12th Planet - Zecharia Sitchin
The Agenda - Beverly Fox
The Bible and Flying Saucers - Barry H. Downing
The Book of Enoch
The Book of the Damned - Charles Fort
The Case for the UFO - Varo Jessup Edition
The Coming of the Gods - Jean Sendy
The Cosmic Code - Zecharia Sitchin
The Cosmic Conspiracy - Unknown Author
The Council of Seven Lights - George Van Tassel
The Custodians - Dolores Cannon
The Day After Roswell - Philip J. Corso
The Dulce Book - Branton
The End of Days - Zecharia Sitchin
The Eye of Ra Book Two - Truman Cash
The Fire Came By - John Baxter and Thomas Atkins
The Flying Saucers Are Real - Donald Keyhoe
The Gods of Eden - William Bramley
The Great Flying Saucer Wave - Michael Hall
The Greatest Thing Ever Known - Ralph Waldo Trine
The Hynek UFO Report - Allen Hynek
The Janos People - Frank Johnson
The Lacerta File 1 and 2
The Lost Realms - Zecharia Sitchin
The Man Who Invented Flying Saucers - John Keel
The Mars Records 1 - Stephanie Relfe
The Mars Records 2 - Stephanie Relfe
The Official Guide to UFOs
The Omega File - Branton
The Otherness - Tim Watts
The Pleiadian Mission - Randolph Winters
The Politics of Extraterrestrials - Patrick Sullivan
The Programming of a Planet Book One - Truman Cash
The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects - Edward_Ruppelt
The Science of Extraterrestrials - Eric Julien
The Search For Extraterrestrials - Monte Ross
The Secret of the Saucers - Orpheo Angelucci
The Secret Rituals of the Men in Black - Allen Greenfield
The Secrets of the Mojave - Branton
The Threat - David Jacobs
The True Origin of the Flying Saucers - Dr. Raymond Bernard
The UFO Enigma - The Other Side
The White Sands Incident - Daniel Fry
They Rode in Spaceships - Gavin Gibbons
Thiaoouba Profecy - Michel Desmarquet
Those Gods Who Made Heaven and Earth - Jean Sendy
UFO Contact From Iarga - W. Stevens
UFO Contact From Planet Koldas - Karl van Vlierden
UFO Contact From Planet Ummo
UFO Contact From the Pleiadies - W. Stevens
UFO Contacts 1961 - Rob Renaud
UFO Documents - FBI Top Secret Files
UFO Ohare Airport Documents
UFO Religion Inside Flying Saucer Cults - Gregory Reese
UFOs - Generals, Pilots And Governmant Officials Go On Record - Leslie Kean
UFOs A Scientific Enigma - D.A.J. Seargent
UFOs an Air Force Dilemma - Hector Quintanilla
UFOs and Aliens - Preston Dennett
UFOs And Popular Culture - James Lewis
UFOs Anti Gravity Piece For A Jigsaw - L G Cramp
UFOs Are Real - Clifford Stone
Warning Alien Agenda Revealed - Art Greenfield
Wars of Gods and Men - Zecharia Sitchin
We Met the Space People - Helen and Betty Mitchell
When Time Began - Zecharia Sitchin
Who Are the Draconians - Branton
Why UFOs - John Keel
Wild Talents - Charles Fort
Witness to Roswell - Donald Schmitt and Thomas Carey

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