Becoming A Reflective Mathematics Teacher: A Guide for Observations and Self-assessment

Becoming A Reflective Mathematics Teacher: A Guide for Observations and Self-assessment by Alice F. Artzt and Eleanor Armour-Thomas
264 pages | 2001 | English | ISBN: 0805830367, 0805830375 | EPUB | 0,4 MB

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Becoming a Reflective Mathematics Teacher: A Guide for Observations and Self-Assessment offers what every mathematics teacher educator or supervisor has been looking for. Ideally suited for use with students who are taking a methods course or who are student teaching, this activity-oriented, research-based text:
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    JackMehoffSr 29 Jun 2012 #

    GREAT POSTS.... but...


    LETITBIT SUCKS!! Requires Captcha first, then searches & almost NEVER finds the FILE!!


    UPSTO is either overloaded, or adds long waits between downloads

    FREAKSHARE either never completes the download connection, or freezes/crashes mid-way during downlod

    FILEFACTORY has "NO AVAILABLE FREE SLOTS" more often than not...

    RAPIDGATOR doesn't use PayPal... and most of us are very leery of giving our credit cards to some unknown company!

    So far FILEHOST & FILEPROHOST seem to work well as freebies... for small files (under 50-100mb)

    DEPOSITFILE works fairly well for most small files... but seems to limit downloads more than FH & FPH)

    RAPIDSHARE is still the best & safest for credit cards - via PayPal... used them for years with no problems!

    (Many of us paid good money for these accounts & can no longer use them here!)

    MEDIAFIRE a close second (great for freebies)

    There are TOO many different file sharing options now... forcing us to consider having at least 3 or 4 different paid accounts... in order to get any of the larger files.

    These are ALL unknown/unheard of companies in countries that don't inspire trust with our credit cards...

    Maybe the companies you're using promise higher bonuses than other more long-established companies... but it's not going to do you any good if NONE of us trust them to have access to our credit cards... meaning NO DOWNLOADS!

    Feel free to keep any of these crappy services... but PLEASE ADD RAPIDSHARE &/or MEDIAFIRE... for the big files at least... and consider FILEHOST & FILEPROHOST for the small ones...

    THEN you'll see us downloading them!!!

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    korinab18 29 Jun 2012 #

    thanx for sharing!!

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    e1000 29 Jun 2012 #


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