Vero Visi v. with Complete Training Kit

Vero Visi v. with Complete Training Kit | 3.57GB

Visi-Series, a set of powerful CAD / CAM software for tool shops, the creators of the press form, precision engineering. All programs operate in the same environment. The base is a hybrid surface and solid modeling, based on the core Parasolid.

Year: 2009
Version: v17.0.09.09
Developer: vero visi
Compatibility with Vista: Yes
Language: English only
Medicine: Yes

Program Modules:
1. VISI-Modeling - System of a hybrid modeling for advanced volumetric modeling and powerful planar mmodelirovaniya together with a complete set of repair and function of two-dimensional plane design.
2. VISI-Analysis - the separation of the dynamic model and analysis.
3. VISI-Flow - a module analysis of the flow pattern.
4. VISI-Blank - a module for the development of stamped parts.
5. Machining STRATEGIST - software to increase the speed of processing in a working shop.
6. VISI-Mould - a specialized module for the design of molds, creating the nucleus and a cavity with a full set of standard components, moving parts and template bases.
7. VISI-Electrode - automatic creation of the electrodes and their holders to perform the difficult treatment sites for templates and molds.
8. VISI-Progress - a specialized module for the modern design of stamps, including scanning, design and construction of the band instrument of standard and user-defined components.
9. VISI-Machining 5 Axes - the complete solution of 4-and 5-axis machining with a special designation for use in the aerospace and automotive industries for the manufacture of molds.
10. VISI-Machining 2D - processing solutions for simple milling of 2-dimensional forms, and complete series of cycles of drilling and perforation, etc.
11. VISI-Machining 3D - Machining of complex 3-D planes and volumes up to 5 coordinates. Proposed set of steps common practice to choose automatic selection of the form component and cutting conditions.
12. VISI-Wire - Best 2-D and 4-coordinate electro-cut processing.

VISI has the following minimum hardware requirements:
Processor - Pentium IV processor or later.
Operating System - Windows XP SP2 or later
Memory - 1GB Ram
Graphics - OpenGL or DirectX graphic card with 1280x 1024 resolution.
Power users are recommended to use:
Windows Vista 64 bit with 16Gb ram. as VISI uses multiple executables each of which can use up to
3Gb Ram in its own address space.

Vero Visi-Series / Vero Visi-Presentation

Language: English only
Description: There are 17 educational video.


Video: TSCC 1024x736 15.00fps 291Kbps [Video 0]

Minimum System Requirements:
Pentium processor, 8Mb ram, CD-ROM, 1024x768 display

Recommended System requirements:
Pentium 3 processor, 64Mb ram, CD-ROM, 1024x768 display or higher

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