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Audio Transcoder - a computer program that will easily and efficiently convert the files to 20 popular audio formats.

The program offers an intuitive interface and many useful features, including built-in music player mode, drag and drop, a set of preset sound quality and the editor of the meta tags.

The program will allow you to maintain the necessary meta tags in output files (ID3v1, ID3v2, Ogg / FLAC, APE).
Batch processing of files will help you convert many files in a new audio format.

After converting the files you can download them to your favorite iPod, iPhone, MP3 player or PSP and enjoy music on the move.

Key features:
Ripper Audio CD:
Rip audio CD images (audio + cue files).
Convert your CD music to MP3
Convert CD to MP4.
Converts music CD to WMA.
Convert CDA to WAV.
Rip CDA to OGG files.
Convert CDA to OGG
Encodes the CDA to FLAC.
Convert CDA to APE.
Asks for information about the disc from FreeDB
Correctly supports FreeDB tag in Russian (Cyrillic).
Supports Audio tags: AAC (AAC, M4A, M4B, MP4), MP3, MP2, MusePack (MPC), Ogg, WMA, FLAC, APE, WAV, Speex (SPX).
It has a built CD-player.
Reads CD-Text.

Audio Converter:
Converts from format to format using preset.
Converts from more than 20 formats, including AAC, AC3, AIF, APE, CUE, FLAC, M4A, MP +, MP1, MP2, MP3, MP4, MPC, MPP, OFR, 3GP, 3G2, OFS, OGG, SPX, TTA, WAV, WMA, WV.
Convert over 10 audio formats including AAC (AAC, M4A, M4B, MP4), MP3, MusePack (MPC), Ogg, WMA, FLAC, APE, WAV, Speex (SPX), MP2, AC3.
Supports batch conversion.
Saves ID3v1, ID3v2, Ogg / FLAC, APE tag when converting.
It has a built-in audio player.
Contains built-in editor of tags.
It is a converter (converter) from flac to mp3, flac to wav, cda to mp3, ape to mp3, convert mp4 to mp3, wav to mp3, audio cd to mp3, cda allows you to convert to mp3.
Allows you to split the audio image of the disk into several independent files.
Allows you to manage power consumption at the end of the computer conversion.

Convert audio and copies of the CD in 3 clicks
Convert audio files in three clicks! Just add the file to the Audio Transcoder through the built file browser or drag it to the main window with the mouse. Select the desired format, the quality level (for example, CD quality at 64 kbit / s, 96 kbit / s, without loss, etc.) and select a folder to save the results. Finally, click "Convert". Audio Transcoder does the rest.

The exceptionally wide range of audio formats
Huge selection of supported audio formats - this is what distinguishes Audio Transcoder other instruments of this class.
Audio Transcoder allows you to convert:
tta to mp3, aac in mp4, aac to ape, tta to mpc, aac to mpc, aac to ogg, aac to spx, aac to wav, aac to wma, ac3 to aac, ac3 to m4a, ac3 to m4b, ac3 in mp4, ac3 in the ape, ac3 to flac, ac3 to mp2, ac3 to mp3, aiff to aac, aiff to m4a, aiff to m4b, aiff to mp4, aiff to the ape, aiff in flac, aiff to mp2, aiff to mp3, aiff in mpc, aiff to ogg, aiff in spx, aiff to wav, aiff to wma, ape to aac, ape to m4a, ape to m4b, ape to mp4, ape to flac, ape to mp2, ape to mp3, ape to mpc, ape to ogg, ape in the spx, ape to wav, ape to wma, flac to aac, flac to m4a, flac to m4b, flac to mp4, flac to ape, flac to mp2, flac to mp3, flac to mpc, flac in ogg, flac to spx, flac to wav, flac to wma, m4a to aac, m4a to m4b, m4a to mp4, m4a to ape, m4a to flac, m4a to mp2, m4a to mp3, m4a to mpc, m4a to spx, m4a to ogg, m4a to wav, m4a to wma, m4b to aac, m4b to m4a, m4b to mp4, m4b to ape, m4b to flac, m4b to mp2, m4b to mp3, m4b to mpc, m4b to spx, m4b to ogg, m4b to wav, m4b to wma, mac to aac, mac in m4a, mac in m4b, mac to mp4, mac in the ape, mac in flac, mac in mp2, mac to mp3, mac in mpc, mac in the ogg, mac in the spx, mac in wav, mac to wma, mp2 to m4a, mp2 to m4b, mp2 to mp4, mp2 to ape, mp2 to flac, mp2 to mp3, mp2 to mpc, mp2 to ogg, mp2 in spx, mp2 to wav, mp2 to wma, mp3 to aac, mp3 to m4a, mp3 to m4b, mp3 to mp4, mp3 to ape, mp3 to flac, mp3 to mp2, mp3 to mpc, mp3 to ogg, mp3 in spx, mp3 in wav, mp3 to wma, mp4 to mp3, mp4 to aac, mp4 to m4a, mp4 to m4b, mp4 to ape, mp4 to flac, mp4 to mp2, mp4 to mpc, mp4 to ogg, mp2 to aac, mp4 to spx, mp4 to wav, mp4 to wma, mpc to aac, mpc to m4a, mpc to m4b, mpc to mp4, mpc to ape, mpc to flac, mpc to mp2, mpc to mp3, mpc to ogg, mpc to wav, mpc in spx, mpc to wma, wav to aac, wav to m4a, wav to m4b, wav to mp4, wav to ape, wav to flac, wav to mp2, wav to mp3, wav to mpc, wav to ogg, wav to spx, wav to wma, wma to aac, wma to m4a, wma to m4b, wma to mp4, wma to ape, wma to flac, wma to mp2, wma to mp3, wma to mpc, wma to ogg, wma to spx, wma to wav, wv to aac, wv to m4a, wv in m4b, wv to mp4, wv in the ape, wv in flac, wv in mp2, wv to mp3, wv to mpc, wv to ogg, wv in spx, wv to wav, wv to wma, ogg to aac, ogg to m4a, ogg to m4b, ogg to mp4, ogg to ape, ogg to flac, ogg to mp2, ogg to mp3, ogg to mpc, ogg to spx, ogg to wav, ogg to wma, spx to aac, spx in m4a, spx in m4b, spx in mp4, spx in the ape, spx in flac, spx in mp2, spx to mp3, spx to mpc, spx in ogg, spx to wav, spx to wma, in tta aac, tta in m4a, tta in m4b, tta to mp4, tta in the ape, tta in flac, tta in mp2, tta to ogg, tta in spx, tta to wav, tta to wma, ac3 in the mpc, ac3 in ogg, ac3 to spx, ac3 to wav, ac3 to wma, aac to flac, aac to m4a, aac to mp2, aac to mp3, aac to m4b, flac to ac3, flac to aiff, tta in aiff, tta in ac3, mp3 to ac3, cd to ac3, cd to aiff, mp3 to aiff, wma to ac3, wma to aiff, mp4 to aiff, mp4 to ac3, ape to aiff, ape to ac3, m4a to aiff, m4a to ac3, ogg to ac3, ogg to aiff, wv in aiff, wv in ac3, wav to aiff, wav to ac3, mp2 to aiff, mp2 to ac3, ac3 to aiff, ofr in aiff, ofr in flac, ofr to aac, ofr in the ape, ofr in m4b, ofr in mp4, ofr in m4a, ofr in mp2, ofr in the mpc, ofr in ogg, ofr in spx, ofr in wav, ofr to mp3, ofr to wma, aac to aiff, aac to ac3, aiff in ac3, mpc to ac3, mpc to aiff, spx in aiff, spx in ac3, mac in ac3, mac in aiff, m4b to ac3, m4b to aiff, aac to alac, ac3 to alac, aiff to alac, ape to alac, flac to alac, m4a to alac, m4b to alac, mac in the alac, mp2 to alac, mp3 to alac, mp4 to alac, mpc to alac, wav to alac, wma to alac, wv in alac, ogg to alac, spx in alac, tta in alac, ofr in alac, aac to m4r, ac3 to m4r, aiff to m4r, ape to m4r, flac to m4r, m4a to m4r, m4b to m4r, mac to m4r, mp2 to m4r, mp3 to m4r, mp4 to m4r, mpc to m4r, wav to m4r, wma to m4r, wv to m4r, ogg to m4r, spx to m4r, ofr to m4r, cd to m4r, cd to ogg, cd to aac, cd to m4a, cd to the m4b, cd to mp4, cd to mp3, cd to mpc, cd to wma, cd to flac, cd to ape, cd to wav, cd to the spx, cd into mp2, cd to the alac, m4a to m4r.

Supports batch processing
With Audio Transcoder, you can convert more than one file at a time. To begin the conversion, select the files, then set the parameters of the output file and click "Convert". Regardless of the number of selected files, the program will convert all of them with high quality and error free. In the process of conversion you can choose to turn off the computer. When the conversion is complete, and you will not be around, the program will automatically turn off the computer.

The absence of extra features
In contrast to the powerful system for professional editing of audio files, audio transcoder can perform only one function - to convert, but it makes it very accurately. If you need a powerful tool for converting audio files supporting wide range of formats, Audio Transcoder is what you need. In this program, no extra features that were created just for you to pay more.

Operating System Compatibility
Audio Transcoder is running Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, Windows 7 and later.

Built-in audio player
Audio Transcoder is built in audio player. Nzow you can listen to audio files before and after conversion. Sometimes it's the best way to figure out the difference between the formats and bitrates.

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