VMware vCenter Chargeback Manager V.2 ZWTiSO

VMware vCenter Chargeback Manager V.2 ZWTiSO | 580 MB

Improve utilization of virtual infrastructure with accurate visibility into the true costs of virtualized workloads. Enable line-of-business owners to have full cost transparency and accountability for self-service resource requests.

VMware vCenter Chargeback Manager allows rate cards and prices to be customized to the process and policies of different organizations. Virtual machine resource consumption data is collected from VMware vCenter Server ensuring the most complete and accurate tabulation of resource costs. Integration with VMware vCloud Director enables automated chargeback for private cloud environments, integration with vCOPs enables you to cost your capacity and finally the integration with ITBM enables you to push your true usage for overall IT Planning and Costing.

Increase Visibility for Virtual Infrastructure and Publish into Bill of IT

Understand the true cost of your private cloud to drive better utilization of resources and IT budgeting. Empower line of business users to be fully accountable for the virtual machines that are requested. Take these costs and push into ITBM solutions to develop a fully loaded fact based Bill of IT.

Deliver Chargeback as Part of Infrastructure-as-a-Service

Allow the business to understand the cost of deploying and maintaining business services
Eliminate the perception that virtual machines are “free”
Integrate with existing IT Financial Management (or IT Business Management) or complete cost visibility across physical and virtual resources

Gain Visibility into Software Driven Data Center Costs

Configure base costs, fixed costs, one-time costs, multiple rate factors, and overage fees to model true rates associated with virtual machines
Track costs and rates for power, cooling, real estate, software licenses, and maintenance associated with virtual infrastructure deployments
Maintain reusable cost templates that allow the process of adding rate cards to VM’s to be standardized

Improve Cloud Resource Utilization with Cost Visibility

Schedule and distribute reports on a periodic basis to communicate usage and costs to business owners
Drive better decision making and planning for infrastructure budget requirements with capacity integration
Optimize the use of shared cloud infrastructure

Integration with Operations Management

See the true cost of capacity with strong integration with VMware vCenter Operations Suite
Integrate and run scenario planning in VMware vCenter Operations Suite to make informed capacity planning decisions
Run optimization scenarios and eliminate waste of expensive capacity

Integration of Cloud Cost with ITBM

Push rate card information and actual usage into ITBM cost model
Use ITBM connector to have seamless integration with IT Financial Management offering
Collect costing data and push into IT Business Management Suite for detailed cost analysis and budgeting for true picture of IT Operations

Chargeback Cost Management and Configuration

Configure VM pricing models to meet your organization’s unique structure, needs, and policies

Customized chargeback hierarchy. Define how virtual machines and VMware vSphere hosts are assigned to and shared by different departments, cost centers, or business units in an organization.
Reusable cost templates. Standardize the process of adding pricing models to VM’s with cost templates. Templates can be used to rapidly apply existing models that have been set up to expanding or new environments.
Flexible billing policies. Implement fixed costs, allocation-based costing, utilization-based costing, or a combination based on the chargeback maturity of your organization.
Flexible non-variable costs. Allows for entry of non-variable cost structures to model the realities of a datacenter environment.
Fixed costs. Add fixed costs to the hierarchy to account for non-compute attributes (e.g. software licenses, power/cooling, custom fixed costs)
Multiple rate factors / Rate multipliers. Account for use of higher-end storage or servers, or higher SLAs (e.g. DR or backup included, production vs. development systems).
One-time costs. Implement one-time costs that are charged at the time of VM creation to account for relevant overhead
Overage fees. Empower users to utilize resources beyond their reserved amounts with premium base rate pricing
Cost distribution. Associate costs to virtual infrastructure entities in the hierarchy. Share costs of a virtual machine across different business departments.
Currency selector. Define cost metrics in different currencies for global enterprise-wide chargeback.
Guest operating system costs. Allows for configuring the guest operating system costs as one-time costs in the pricing model

HomePage: http://www.vmware.com

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