FIDES EarthPressure 2012.177

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The conventional earth pressure computation according to EAB/EAU can result in unrealistic earth pressure for complicated geometries and in some special cases. The program FIDES-EarthPressure can compute the active/passive earth pressure with an extended Culmann method and/or a 2-body mechanism according to Gudehus.

The formation of slip lines due to banks, concentrated loads, inclined or bended walls and the correct consideration of horizontal and polygonally shaped soil layers and ground water surface occurs automatically due to mathematical
optimisation. As an extension to the program WALLS-retain it can import WALLS input data and return a list of calculated earth pressure values to the WALLS-program for further calculations.
User interface

Object oriented, graphical user interface
CAD-like input functionality
Parametric input of polygonal soil layers with support for predefined and expandable soil layer’s data base, shared by all FIDES geotechnics series programs
Same document format for all Fides programs of the geotechnic series
Detailed online manual with definite explanation of the underlying calculation method.
Windows standard as e.g. undo and redo for all actions, copy & paste, context menu, system-explorer, …


The progress of the calculation can be monitored during the caluclation
All automatically generated slip body geometries are updated during calculation
The model for the active earth pressure calculation is the numerical method due to Culmann
Model for passive earth pressure calculation:
Gudehus (2 kinematic elements)


Earth pressure file that can be exported to the program WALLS
In conjunction with FIDES-Flow water pressure distribution as a walls-import file
RTF Format (MS-Office compatible)
Direct printer output with mixed graphics and text
Correctly scaled images for easy check

Application range

Mathematically correct earth pressure calculations
Realistic earth pressure distributions for compli-cated geometries and soil layers
Utilisation in the programs Walls and FIDES-GeoStability

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