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Finally, after 2 years from a first release of Kate Lesing vocals vol.1, we come out with the new special product - Kate Lesing vol. 2. As you may remember there was some of well known releases produced using vocals from vol.1 (Central Seven - Neverland, DJ Dean - If I could be you) Now in a co-operation with professional lyricist Michael Teuber, we've created new professional sample pack. Inside you may find 15 vocal tracks, most of them with 2 verses + refrain and not less than one verse + refrain. So you can produce professional tracks, not only dance/club tracks with short vocal lines. Pack contains beautiful trance songs as well as themes that fit to other genres like rock, pop or house. This time also the quality of vocals is completely outstanding, because we've used highest quality microphone, pre-amplifier and processing machines.

Like in previous pack, midi chords are also included. You can use them together with vocals as well as create your own custom chords if you are more experienced user. Vocals are included DRY version without effects and WET version with Lexicon reverb + perfectly calculated delay. These vocals are yours to take to the record company for your own release! Record companies always ask for sample clearance, so you can just show them a proof of purchase for that (click to read licence file).

VipZone Electro Construction Kits Vol 1 WAV
We want to present new long awaited Electro Construction Kits vol. 1 Pack contains 30 new style electro kits including both drum and synth loops for creating your own tracks in a very easy way.

Pack content - 280 loops including drum loops and synth loops, 250 MB of WAV files. Pack is 100% royalty-free. In each folder there are few drum loops (full loop, bd loops plus 1-4 percussion loops depending on a kit), 2 properly sidechained synth loops + few versions made using miscelanous fx (2 to 4 in each folder) Of course there are many combinations you can do beetween loops in each folder, so there are many many possibilities for creating complex music structures in a very easy way.

VipZone Electrovocals Party WAV
We are ready to present new electro pack from Vipzone. Based on the same idea like our CutVocals Party, the new ElectroVocals Party contains cut vocal loops for electro and electro-house music!

VipZone Hardstyle Looperz WAV
We want to present new sample pack - Hardstyle Looperz - the next part of our hardstyle series. This is the collection of WAV loops - ready to use phrases and powerful riffs for hardstyle and jumpstyle

Pack contains 765 files in 126 folders, 760 MB weight. In every folder you may find loops in few versions + drum and bass loops, so you could easily and fast create own tracks. This is certainly one of the biggest hardstyle synth loop collection available on the market. Enjoy!

VipZone Hardstyle Pro Samples 2008 WAV
Another pack for hardstyle and jumpstyle, packed with 100% Hardstyle / Jumpstyle samples ! In this pack you can find "kicks", "basslines", "lead sounds and vocals" - everything you need for your Hardstyle / Jumpstyle productions.

VipZone Hardcore Essentials MULTiFORMAT
The ultimate Tool for your Hardcore / Gabber Productions... This pack includes high quality WAV samples, recorded in 16 bit, 44100 Hz and high quality synths in format SF2 (Multisamples) and SXT (Reason).

VipZone House Guitars WAV
The House Guitars contains over 400 MB of professional house guitar loops in WAV. These loops are are fully compatible with our pumping pads from pack Superchords vol.2 - which you may hear in a demo - so you can easy start to build your own complex house tracks. You can easy transpose, stretch or slice guitar loops in your favourite sequencer, making them fit to many of your arrangements!

VipZone Jumpstylerz Nightmare MIDI WAV
We want to present the new sample pack from Vipzone. It's Jupstylerz
Nightmare - new collection of outstanding loops and midi files for jumpstyle producers!

Inside you can find 60 fresh jumpstyle midi files as well as 180 wav loops with lead synthetic patterns. These are 3 x 60 loops in 3 different sounds (350 mb) - some of sounds are already presented in our demo which you may download from this site. In addition to synth lines, there are also 60 midi files containing notes for kicks. Where to find kicks? In our Hardcore Essentials sample pack released a while ago. You can use midi files from Jumpstylerz Nightmare together with kicks from Hardcore Essentials and build nice sounding melodic-kick rhytmic patterns typical for jumpstyle, just only by putting notes into sequencer, loading corresponding kick into channel sampler and finally tunning few cents if needed. Now you can buy Jumptylerz Nightmare together with Hardcore Essentials in a bundle - check 2 new Jumpstyle Producer bundles available in our online shop!

VipZone Roxx The Club Vol 2 MIDI MP3
Presenting new DJ Roxx 50 Club Melodies pack - Roxx The Club vol. 2 (50 midifiles + 500 mp3 files) !

The new Club Melodies pack contains 50 HANDS-UP / DANCEFLOOR midfiles + 500 new quality 320 kb/s mp3. This is the essential of club-dance of the last years in the new formula. All midifiles contain fast arpeggiated riffs and also added basslines for harmony (2 midi tracks in a file) and also each melody is played on 10 different instruments (some of them you may hear in a demo) which gives almost unlimited mixing possibilities. 500 mp3 files altogether for mixing gives 280 MB of sounds recorded using mostly top hardware synths - no VST plugins!

DATE....: Jan 2010

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