My Sexy Black Book 1.0.2

My Sexy Black Book 1.0.2 - 1,97 MB

What is a Black Book?
A Black Book is a private book where people record names, phone numbers and details about men and women who they date and have sexual experiences with.

So What is My Sexy Black Book?
My Sexy Black Book is a digital version of this idea, it is a secure and updated way of recording details about boyfriends and girlfriends, My Sexy Black Book includes many features which will change the way people think about using a Black Book to record there Sex Life.

How Can My Sexy Black Book Help You?
In a world where STI's are increasing and people have multiple sexual partners, we need a new way to record our sexual history. My Sexy Black Book enables users to record details of partners and sexual events, making it easy for you to tell who you have had sex with and when

My Sexy Black Book includes many interesting and beneficial features for everybody, it allows you to record all your sexual history in a safe and secure place.

Securely Record personal details such as
Phone Numbers
Email Address

Securely Record sexual events for each person
Date of Event
Interactions eg Kissing, Touching, Oral etc
Sexual Positions eg Doggy, Cowgirl etc

NEW v1.0.1 -
Use Google Maps to locate addresses and upload to your GPS device
TomTom devices are supported
Garmin devices are supported
Pioneer devices are supported

Download: (Size: 1,97 MB)


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    halidon 16 Mar 2009 #

    Sounds interesting, thanks mate

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    prithvi 16 Mar 2009 #


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    warz4u 4 Jul 2010 #

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