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    Portable Okdo Png to Ico Jpg Jpeg Bmp Converter v4.3 | 3.55 MB

    Okdo Png to Ico Jpg Jpeg Bmp Converter is the most powerful png converter. Own the most powerful conversion function. You can batch convert png to jpg, jpeg, bmp, ico with ease. The program can convert with high output quality and very fast speed. You will like it when you use it. It is very easy to use, whether you are a veteran or a beginner, you can operate it.
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    Portable Mad Skills Motocross v1.0.198 | 51.7 MB
    Release: 2011 | Genre: Racing | Developer: Turborilla | Language: English

    Mad Skills Motocross is a game that brings back fond memories from the good old days. Not via ”retro” graphics, but by sheer joy and playfulness. Mad Skills Motocross is meant to be fun, quick and deep. You will collect achievement-like stars for tricks. You will get power-ups that might seem silly and useless at first. But these power-ups will be very useful once it ‘clicks’ for you and you figure out when and how to use them.
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    Stereoscopic Player 1.7.6 Portable | 6.51 MB

    Stereoscopic Player is a versatile 3D movie player. It allows you to play stereoscopic videos and DVDs (external decoder required) and also allows you to watch live video from a capture device. Since it is based on DirectShow, it can handle almost any media format, for example AVI, MPEG, WMV and ASF. Videos can be coded in several different stereoscopic formats. Stereoscopic Player 1.7 features playback of 3D Blu-ray SSIF files, has build-in support for Matroska, Flash, MP4 as well as MPEG-TS formats and adds generic support for arbitrary single-viewer and multi-viewer autostereoscopic displays.
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    Chicken Invaders Ultimate Omelette 2011 Portable | 19.7 MB
    PC | English | Publisher: InterAction Studios | Genre: Arcade/Action

    I remember the day of the invasion well. The memories still burn deeply, like spicy chicken wings.
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    SnackJack v1.1.0.2 Portable | 18.4 MB
    Release: 2011 | Genre: cards | Developer: Masque Publishing | Language: En

    Fatten up your pigs with all sorts of carnival foods by creating
    blackjack hands in this unique turbo-21 game.
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    Serious Sam Double D v1.0.1 Portable | 142 MB
    PC | Developer: Mommy's Best Games | Publisher: Devolver Digital and Croteam | 2011 |
    Language: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian | Genres: Action / Indie / Arcade

    Serious Sam explodes into the second dimension using everything in his arsenal to battle the abominable legions of Mental’s horde. Pull the trigger to let the heavy ordinance fly in Serious Sam Double D, a hand drawn, side-scrolling shooter featuring all the over-the-top gameplay and chaotic action of the Serious Sam series. Pile on the firepower with the revolutionary Gunstacker and fire all your weapons at once in a symphony of destruction! All that stands between victory and annihilation is a man in a T-shirt and jeans wielding a great big pile of guns.
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    Mozilla Firefox 6.0.1 Portable | 24.4 MB

    Firefox 6 - faster, more secure, easier to use and sporting a new look, this latest Firefox release sets a new standard for web browser innovation. Firefox is small, fast and easy to use, and offers many advantages over other web browsers, such as the tabbed browsing and the ability to block pop-up windows.
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    Zoom Player Home MAX v8.00 RC2 Portable | Inc Full Codec Pack | 52.9 MB

    Zoom Player is the most Powerful, Flexible and Customizable DVD and Media Player for the Windows PC platform. Using our powerful Smart Play technology, more image, audio and video media formats play with less hassle, increased stability and better performance.
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    Flyhoward Ltd SDF Viewer v1.5.7 Portable | 5.42 MB

    The simple way to create, view, edit or export the data in your Windows Mobile or Pocket PC device's SQLCE database, from the convenience of your Desktop. Run SQL commands on your SQLCE databases, and view the results instantly.
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    IObit SmartDefrag Multilingual Portable | 3.55 MB

    IObit SmartDefrag - Best Free Disk Defragmenter with 30M Users. Accelerate the whole system with fast and efficient disk defragment. SmartDefrag helps defragment your hard drive more efficiently than any other product on the market – free or not. It is known that disk fragments has been a primary cause of slow and unstable PC performance.
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    Advanced Find and Replace v6.3 Multilingual Portable | 1.67 MB

    Performs search of local files with smart queries as with Google. Allows replace simple or multiline text in multiple files. With batch replace operation you can easily replace or update hundreds of different links in several files. Saves results in XML and other formats. Works with command line params. Extremely fast, easy to use and excellent documentation is included. It is a great time-saver for programmers and Webmasters.
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    Universal SQL Editor v1.3.3.0 Portable | 2.43 MB

    Universal SQL Editor is a powerful, yet easy-to-use database query tool. It allows you connect Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Sybase and other ODBC compliant databases, and edit complex SQL with Intellisense-like code completion, highlight references, parameter hinting, syntax highlighting, SQL formatting, plus other useful features that allow you to work more efficiently.
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    PC Security Tweaker 9.7 Portable | 1.91 MB

    PC Security Tweaker is a security tweaking utility you can use to tweak Windows-based computers. It is compatible with all Windows versions and lets you control which users are allowed to access your PC and the level of access each user may have. You can choose to tweak access to lots of Control Panel applet functions, including Display, Network, Passwords, Printers, System, Add/Remove Programs, etc. You can enforce users to use separate system profile folders and provide them with their own custom shell folders such as Desktop, Start Menu, Favorites, My Documents. Additionally, by tweaking, you can: disable selected Start Menu items, lock and protect disk drives in My Computer, disable the DOS and command prompt, interruption boot keys, real DOS mode, Registry editing, taskbar, task manager, and network access, hide desktop icons, and much more. You can password-protect Windows and restrict users to running specific applications only. Security tweaks can be applied universally or just to specific users. This software also lets you tweak Internet Explorer to secure web browsing.
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    Wideanglesoftware Tune Sweeper 1.037 Portable | 3.18 MB

    Find and Remove duplicate tracks in your iTunes Library quickly with Tune Sweeper. Tune Sweeper has a unique design that makes it easy to review and delete the duplicate entries in your iTunes library.
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    RarmaRadio v2.63.1 Portable | 14.1 MB

    RaimaRadio allows you to listen to and record radio stations from around the world. While listening to your favorite radio station you can record it anytime you want. Browse through the radio stations or just select a random station and enjoy Internet radio! You have total control over your radio stations allowing you to add or delete a station anytime you want. Need to play a station from another applicaton then just enable global hotkeys and control it anytime. With RarmaRadio you can receive and record thousands of radio stations available on the Internet.
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