Business and Legal Forms for Graphic Designers (FORMS ONLY)

Business and Legal Forms for Graphic Designers (Forms Only)
by Tad Crawford

Allworth Press | 1990 | 54 pages | ISBN #1-58115-274-4 | PDF | 237 kb

Here is a must have ebook for graphic designers. Written by Tad Crawford and Eva Doman Bruck, this ebook includes the following:

Form 1. Estimate Form for Client and Preliminary Budget & Schedule
Form 2. Proposal Form
Form 3. Credit Reference Form
Form 4. Jobs Master Index
Form 5. Job Sheet
Form 6. Time Sheet
Form 7. Studio Production Schedule
Form 8. Project Status Report
Form 9. Work Change Order Form
Form 10. Estimate Request Form
Form 11. Purchase Order
Form 12. Requisition Form
Form 13. Payables Index
Form 14. Transmittal Form
Form 15. Artwork Log
Form 16. Billing Index
Forms 17 and 18. Invoice Forms
Form 19. Monthly Billing Statements
Forms 20 and 21. Collection Letters
Form 22. Project Confirmation Agreement
Form 23. Contract with Illustrator or Photographer
Form 24. Contract with Printer
Form 25. Designer—Sales Agent Contract
Form 26. Designer’s Lecture Contract
Form 27. Licensing Contract to Merchandise Designs
Form 28. Release Form for Models
Form 29. Property Release Form
Form 30. Permission Form (to Use Copyrighted Work)
Form 31. Nondisclosure Agreement for Submitting Ideas
Form 32. Copyright Transfer Form
Form 34. Contract with an Independent Contractor
Form 35. Project Employee Contract
Form 36. Web Site Design Agreement

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