Tuts - David Bode - Green Screen and Compositing for Beginners

Tuts - David Bode - Green Screen and Compositing for Beginners
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Want to learn how to do green screening and video compositing in your own projects? Well, you have come to the right place! Join us as David Bode explains how to get started with green screen and work with the resulting video in Premier Pro and Adobe After Effects.

Introduction 3m 41s
Introduction and Basic Concepts 3m 41s

Capturing Video 47m 30s
Knowing Your Camera, Chroma Subsampling, and Thinking About Lighting 13m 39s
Setting Up and Lighting The Green Screen 11m 36s
How To Light Your Subject 13m 02s
Using The Scopes in Premiere Pro 9m 13s

Compositing 56m 15s
Transcoding DSLR Footage using 5D2RGB 4m 44s
Pulling The Key in Premiere Pro 7m 07s
Cleaning Up The Key and Compositing in Premiere Pro 12m 23s
Keying Your Shot in After Effects 11m 15s
Cleaning Up The Key in After Effects 7m 39s
Compositing Your Shot in After Effects 6m 44s
Tweaks and Color Correction in After Effects 6m 23s

Final Tips 18m 13s
Using a Different Lighting Setup and Subject 10m 31s
Tweaks and Final Thoughts 7m 42s
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