The Gnomon Workshop Hyper Real Insect Design-PLATO

The Gnomon Workshop Hyper Real Insect Design-PLATO | ISO | 3.82 GB

In this DVD Eric Keller demonstrates his process for designing, modeling, and rendering an original photo realistic insect using ZBrush 4 R4, Photshop, Maya, and V-Ray. Eric talks about how he relies on insect physiology and evolutionary biology as guidelines for his original concept and how to bring photo reference directly into ZBrush using Spotlight. Eric takes the design from basic blockout using dynamesh all the way to completed model.
Eric demonstrates the new topology tools of ZBrush 4 R 4 as well as how to generate UV texture coordinates. The model is brought into Maya and prepared for rendering. Eric discusses displacement and bump map set up in VRay, how to create custom materials, and how to set up the VRay Physical camera to create the look of macro photography.
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