Writing Your First iPhone Application (2008)

Writing Your First iPhone Application | 650MB
Type Appdev

Building iPhone applications is a visual process. These video tutorials are a great way to learn by shoulder-surfing with an expert, whether you’re thinking about getting into iPhone development or already well on your way. You’ll learn his workflow, his development techniques, and the tricks of the trade. And you’ll walk away with the confidence and resources to build your table-based iPhone application from scratch.

NOTE: This covers XCode 3 only, not the newer versions. This impacts the following types of things: the course author, Bill Dudney, makes a point of using keyboard shortcuts. note: a customer has noted that the keyboard shortcuts in XCode 4 are completely different than in XCode 3.x. Also the XCode 4 “new project wizards” generate completely different starter applications than are generated in XCode 3.x
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