The Cardio Barre: Ultimate Advanced

The Cardio Barre: Ultimate Advanced Size 3.87 GB
Type Sports

Certified instructor description: An exceptionally fast-paced/high-rep ballet-type workout (it builds on the moves taught in the original Cardio Barre video). You’re sure to reshape your entire body and burn some fat ... if you can keep up (it can be done; the exercisers in this program show exquisite body control and amazing stamina). The routines range from classic pliés, tondus and arabesques to crunches, leg lifts and frontal raises. Walking among the class, Richard Giorla is both informative and motivating (e.g. “now, don’t let your arm lock” or “come on, take it a little farther”). DVD includes two 15-minute bonus segments — standing upper body and floor-based lower-body. Requires 1 to 3 lb. dumbbells. They use a ballet barre; a high back chair will work.
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