MorphVOX Pro 4.3.21 Build 17566 Deluxe Pack Portable

MorphVOX Pro 4.3.21 Build 17566 Deluxe Pack Portable | 51,3 Mb
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MorphVOX - an updated version of a great program that allows you to change your voice beyond recognition when communicating online with friends and acquaintances, as well as in on-line games, and to simulate the most common environmental sounds. MorphVOX is fully compatible with IP-telephony (Skype, AIM, Yahoo, MSN, GoogleTalk, TeamSpeak, etc.) and almost all the online games. For many people, a program to change the voice MorphVOX Pro - a great tool for jokes on friends, change voices in various online games.
MorphVOX is very easy to use, even though the English interface, program functions are intuitive. The right to choose any of the votes, and the top of the sliders, you can adjust the tone, strength, voice, etc. The advantage of the utility is its compatibility with popular software IP - telephony, as well as a very large set of environmental sounds such as sound of the shot, the howling of wolves and mooing cows.

The program has the MorphVOX Pro superb voice changing algorithms and ultra-quiet background cancellation, which makes the program very safe program to change voice. The sound quality is excellent program to create voices for your video or audio project. Voice chat in online games only adds realism to the game action. However, if the gamer is diving into a virtual reality, with his head - his own voice at the same time you want to change beyond recognition. This can be done using MorphVOX. Communicating in the online game via headsets, voice can masquerade as a variety of characters. In addition to the change of voice, on its own it is possible to impose the background audio effects, for example, to the other party felt that the conversation is being crowded out of place or that, along with the voice of thunder was heard, the sound of the surf, the ad in the airport, etc.

Distinctive features of MorphVOX :

• Easy to learn and very easy to use
• A lot of ambient sounds
• You can fine-tune each voice
• Many available on the voices
• The built-in equalizer ten levels
• The availability of content creation
• Ability to overlay the background jams, shops and other
• The ability to play sound, using only a single key
• High-quality voice changing technology
• More intelligent program for superior voice changing
• Cancel the background - get a super clean change of voice
• The background sound of corks, the shop
• Integration with online games and IP-telephony software
• Low frequency and CPU utilization
• 10-level equalizer
• Beautiful themes skins
• Built-in high-quality sound effects
• Add your own library
• Full support for mouse, keyboard and joysticks for gamers
• Rapid effects allow you to play sound with a single button
• Follow-up effects for enhanced voice changing
• Enhanced effects of the vocal tract
• Module for creating content - easy to create votes

Description addons MorphVOX :

Plugins :

• Batch Converter Plugin
This plugin allows you to easily select multiple source files, assign voices and output them to different destination files.
• Effects Rack Plugin
Plugin that allows you to use VST-effects modules in MorphVOX Pro.
• MorphVOX DJ Streaming
The plugin allows you to create a playlist of the existing files to be added to change the vote.
• Text-To-VoIP Plugin
Write your message in the text box, you can easily communicate via voice chat without using your own voice.
• Voice Splicer Plugin
The plugin allows you to change a few votes in the same audio file.

Vote :

• Special Effects Voices
- Alien
- Cavern
- Ghost
- Radio Distortion
- Telephone
- Underwater
• Creatures of Darkness
- Cave Troll
- Goblin
- Golem
- Half-Orc
- Lich Lord
- Shade
- Wraith
• Deep Space Voices
- Android Female
- Android Male
- Cyborg Warrior
- Mutant Female
- Mutant Male
- Space Chatter
• Fantasy Voices
- Gruff Dwarf
- Female Pixie
- Mighty Giant
- Nasty Gnome
- Old Hag
- Tiny Folk
- Warrior Princess
- Whiney Squire
• Female Voices
- Agnes - kind grandmother
- Angela - outgoing and fun
- Celeste - college student
- Donna - tough biker
- Julie - anxious
- Lisa - easy-going
• Furry Voices for Second Life
- Bigcat Female
- Bigcat Male
- Fox Female
- Fox Male
- Bunny Female
- Squirrel Male
- Housecat Female
- Housecat Male
- Wolf Female
- Wolf Male
• Galactic Voices
- Elite Bounty Hunter
- Galactic Overlord
- Mech Leader
- Mech Science Officer
- Mech Tactical Officer
- Mech Ground Commander
- Mechanoid Nemesis
- Diplomatic Droid
• Male Voices
- Mister Voice
- Nerd
- Old Guy
- Radio Announcer
- Teen
- Tough Guy
• Personality Voices
- Albert
- Clarence
- Edith
- Jake
- Mary Jane
- Sabrina
• Sci-Fi Voices
- Commander Gordon
- Dark Emperor
- Droid
- Female Mercenary
- Space Squirrel
• Translator Fun Voices
- Body Noises
- Burpalator
- Computer Talk
- Phone Talk
- Random Body Noises
- Random Censor
- Xylophone

Other :

• Backgrounds
- Workplace Backgrounds
• Sound Effects
- Modern War Sounds
- Ancient Weapon Sounds
- Comic Sound Pack
- Fantasy Sound Pack
- Farm Animal Sounds
- Sci-Fi Sound Pack 2
- Sci-Fi Sound Pack
- Spooky Sounds
• Skins
- Blue Satin Skin

Change log :

4.3.21 Windows 8 Installation / Certification tweaks. Add a delete button to voice profiles.
4.3.19 Ability to turn off announce / preview for FX and alias changes in General Preferences. Fix FX list so favorites do not get reset when adding to custom pack.
4.3.18 Fix crash on file convert dialog.
4.3.17 Remove Opactity transition, fix possible custom windows shell crashes. Fixes VST Effects Rack.

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