Send To Phone 2.1 + Java games and Soft

Send To Phone 2.1
Language: English | Java games and Soft | 10 MB

Mega-useful software for load, the installation of the Java- applications and any other files to the telephone through WAP. If you haven’t cable, IR port, Bluetooth or your telephone are not supported the installation of applications with these methods, then you can use this program. Simply you load file from the computer on the server of program and you obtain reference to the file. You after which introduce reference in the browser of telephone and you are glad Upload and Download (ringtones, wallpapers, Java game, video and other files) to the honeycomb through WAP. Cable or adapter is not necessary!

How to use:
1) Install the program Of send To Of phone to your computer.
2) Run the program by clicking on the label on the working table or in the Start menu
3) Press the button " Select Of file to Of send" and select necessary file.
4) Select your operator of connection and enter your number of telephone. The SMS- communication with the reference to your file will be sent to this number. If there is no your operator in the list, you can leave it blank. Simply click the Send button.
5) If you did not obtain SMS with the reference, then you open in the browser of telephone reference or On the opened page introduce the code of file and press the button of load. To test program in action, you can during the Java- applications from the folder Of files. The code will be real in the course of 30 minutes. So that you can send reference with the code to all your friends so that they also could load your file.

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1) Send To Phone .
2) "" ( "Mobilatory")
3) "Select File to Send" .
4) . SMS- . , . "Send".
5) SMS ,

, Java- Files.

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