Kim Dotcom gets a visit from Woz

Kim DotCom, the founder of Megaupload and accused pirate king, got an interesting visit last, when Apple co-founder and hacker extraordinaire Steve Wozniak stopped by Dotcom's house during a trip to New Zealand. They also used the occasion to take a (slightly disturbing) Instagram photo, which Dotcom recently shared with the world.

“MegaWoz. Great guy & supporter of EFF. EFF is helping to give Mega users their files back. Thanks Woz & EFF,” Dotcom tweeted. Beyond that, Dotcom doesn't give much info on what the two of them discussed, or how long their meeting lasted.

The two of them have a hacker past in common; Wozniak and Steve Jobs took part in some 'less than legal' activities during the early years of their partnership, partly driven (for Woz, at least) by curiosity. It's a little bit harder to make the same argument about Dotcom's earlier dealings with stolen credit cards, regardless of what you think about his current troubles.

We've been covering those troubles since the start, and if you haven't been following the story, maybe it's time you catch up on what's going on, and why Megaupload users are so upset.

Via: 9HardWare
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  • +1
    wazbaz 22 Jun 2012 #

    Two individuals of stature. Size does not always matter.

  • +1
    DavidAmaya 22 Jun 2012 #

    2 kindred of size, stature don't mean a thing!

    (But often it does help!)

  • +1
    blackmagnum 25 Jun 2012 #

    I'm larger than both of them.

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