Kim Dotcom gets a visit from Woz

Kim DotCom, the founder of Megaupload and accused pirate king, got an interesting visit last, when Apple co-founder and hacker extraordinaire Steve Wozniak stopped by Dotcom's house during a trip to New Zealand. They also used the occasion to take a (slightly disturbing) Instagram photo, which Dotcom recently shared with the world.
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Comments (3)
  • +1
    wazbaz 22 Jun 2012 #

    Two individuals of stature. Size does not always matter.

  • +1
    DavidAmaya 22 Jun 2012 #

    2 kindred of size, stature don't mean a thing!

    (But often it does help!)

  • +1
    blackmagnum 25 Jun 2012 #

    I'm larger than both of them.

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