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    AutoLipSync 1.07
    Win AE Plugin | AutoLipSync 1.07 | 11.29 MB

    With Auto Lip-Sync you can create a mouth that automatically animates according to your voice recording.
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    aw Triangulator v1.3
    Win AE Plugin | aw Triangulator v1.3 | 19.9 MB

    aw_Triangulator is powerful After Effects script that creates Delaunay triangulation effect using position from selected layers and has some nice additional features.
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    pt TextEdit 2.1
    Win AE Plugin | pt TextEdit 2.1 | 16.3 MB

    Search for and edit text layers throughout your After Effects project. You can create your own text style presets and apply them to multiple layers at the click of a button.
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    Save Comp As Project 2
    Win AE Plugin | Save Comp As Project 2 | 21.5 MB

    Save Comp As Project exports any of your compositions as a new projects. It automatically reduces exported projects and collects files!
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    Ray Dynamic Color v1.5
    Win AE Plugin | Ray Dynamic Color v1.5 | 4.96 MB

    With Ray Dynamic Color you can assign a number to the elements in your scene with one click. These numbers can then be represented by any color.
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    Slice it Up v1.5.1
    Win AE Plugin | Slice it Up v1.5.1 | 5.25 MB

    Slice it Up is a tool that cuts footage into any number of vertically aligned slices by duplicating it N times and applying random width masks to it. Those pieces are brought into one composition later and laid one over another to create undistorted image. Tool provides controls to set random or linear offset to X, Y and Z position for each slice, adjust the expansion and rotation angles for the mask.One of the most flexible things that Slice It Up provides is the ability to randomise slices in the UI panel at any time. If you don't like the width of your slices and feel like a change up, just hit the "Random Width" button. If randomised position is not your taste, re-randomise it at any time without loosing your keyframes even after closing and opening the project.While those buttons regenerated a new seed for width or position, button "<" will take one step back and regenerate previous seed value. This way you are free to skip throught possible options and find a look that fits you best.
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    AutoSway 1.73
    Win AE Plugin | AutoSway 1.73 | 4.73 MB

    AutoSway lets you easily make your layers sway!
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    pt SSAKaraokeAnimator v3.12
    Win AE Plugin | pt SSAKaraokeAnimator v3.12 | 31 MB

    This script imports karaoke subtitles from the Substation Alpha (.ssa/.ass) or KaraFun (.kfn) file formats, creating new text layers with user designed text animation.
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    Overlap 1.0.2
    Win AE Plugin | Overlap 1.0.2 | 23.6 MB

    Create dynamic overlapping action and follow-through for almost any property in your layers or shapes.Overlap dynamic overlapping action and follow-through for almost any property in your layers or shapes. Think about the functionality you wish the Repeater in Shape Layers had or, if you've used Cinema 4D, how cool it would be to have MoGraph Cloner features in After you can!
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    Explode Shape Layers 3
    Win AE Plugin | Explode Shape Layers 3 | 19.5 MB

    Take control of your shape layers! Explode & merge for greater precision.
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    lipsyncr 2.2
    Win AE Plugin | Lipsyncr 2.2 | 5.56 MB

    Automatic high quality viseme–based mouth animations. In a matter of seconds.
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    Text Split and Animate 1.0
    Win AE Plugin | Text Split and Animate 1.0 | 7.81 MB

    Text Split and Animate make it easy to split text based on input and separator rules you choose. you can add different animation presets ,choose duration for each text layer and play with more settings that will help you get started faster with your project.Save time on creating text layers manually, having 2D/3D animation for the start point of a project, subtitles and much more.
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    Textsyncr v1.0
    Win AE Plugin | Textsyncr v1.0 | 5.4 MB

    Automatic speech-to-markers engine, automatically creates layer markers from audio transcription - drive subtitles, the Monkey tools and more.
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    Evil Twin Stereo 3D v1.0.2
    Win AE Plugin | Evil Twin Stereo 3D v1.0.2 | 17.1 MB

    Work in Stereo 3D without compromise. If you can do it in 2D, Evil Twin will help you do it in stereoscopic 3D.
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    Voronoi Shatter v2.2 (WIN/MAC)
    Win/MAC AE Plugin | Voronoi Shatter v2.2 | 13.3 MB

    Voronoi Shatter can generate voronoi masks on selected layers and create voronoi shape layers.
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