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Episode 6 : Says My Heart
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Genre: Drama with music/dance

“Pennies From Heaven” is a six-part drama series written by Dennis Potter which received great popular and critical acclaim (and controversy), when it was first transmitted on BBC TV in 1978.

Potter's ironic handling of music and dance in the television serial was a landmark in British television and his own career. He uses these forms of expression to both disrupt the naturalism of the narrative and to show unconscious desires of individuals and of society.

The play tells the story of Arthur Parker, a venal sheet-music salesman in 1930s Britain who is frustrated by his frigid wife Joan, and the deafness of the shopkeepers to the beauty of the songs he sells. He connects the beauty of the songs with his sexual longings when he falls in love with a young Forest of Dean school-teacher Eileen.

Although Potter used popular music and Busby Berkeley type choreography, “Pennies From Heaven” is not a conventional musical: the music is not contemporary but redolent with period nostalgia. Moreover, the music is dubbed and the actors lip-synch (on occasion across gender lines) so that the effect is comic and/or ironic as well as enticingly nostalgic.

Episode 6: Says My Heart

The lovers go on the run from the police, who believe Arthur to be guilty of murder. They hide in a lonely old farmhouse - but one fatal mistake could ruin everything for them.

Starring : Bob Hoskins, Gemma Craven, Cheryl Campbell, Kenneth Colley, Nigel Havers, Freddy Jones [/b] IMDB info

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