Steve Winwood - Collection (1977-2009)

Steve Winwood - Collection (1977-2009)
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1977-Steve Winwood (320kBit/s)

01-Hold On-04:34
02-Time Is Running Out-06:31
03-Midland Maniac-08:28
04-Vacant Chair-06:56
05-Luck's In-05:23
06-Let Me Make Something In Your Life-05:32

1980-Arc of a Diver (1993 MFSL) (320kBit/s)

01-While You See A Chance-05:13
02-Arc Of A Diver-05:28
03-Second-Hand Woman-03:41
04-Slowdown Sundown-05:27
05-Spanish Dancer-06:00
06-Night Train-07:50

1982-Talking Back To The Night (1996 MFSL) (320kBit/s)

02-Big Girls Walk Away-03:53
03-And I Go-04:14
04-While There's A Candle Burning-03:13
05-Still In The Game-04:50
06-It Was Happiness-04:58
07-Help Me Angel-05:05
08-Talking Back To The Night-05:45
09-There's A River-04:40

1986-Back In The High Life (1994 MFSL) (320kBit/s)

01-Higher Love-05:51
02-Take It as It Comes-05:24
03-Freedom Overspill-05:37
04-Back in the High Life Again-05:35
05-The Finer Things-05:51
06-Wake Me Up on Judgment Day-05:50
07-Split Decision-06:02
08-My Love's Leavin'-05:23

1988-Roll With It (320kBit/s)

01-Roll With It-05:20
02-Holding On-06:16
03-The Morning Side-05:14
04-Put On Your Dancing Shoes-05:13
05-Don't You Know What The Night Can Do?-06:55
06-Hearts On Fire-05:17
07-One More Morning-05:00
08-Shining Song-05:29

1990-Refugees Of The Heart (320kBit/s)

01-You'll Keep On Searching-06:21
02-Every Day (Oh Lord)-05:51
03-One And Only Man-05:03
04-I Will Be Here-05:59
05-Another Deal Goes Down-04:58
06-Running On-04:20
07-Come Out And Dance-05:35
08-In The Light Of Day-09:45

1995-The Finer Things (4CD Box) (320kBit/s)

02-I Can't Stand It-02:11
03-Every Little Bit Hurts-03:31
04-Strong Love-02:15
05-Keep On Running-02:49
06-Somebody Help Me-02:04
07-When I Come Home-01:59
08-I Want To Know-02:17
10-Gimme Some Lovin'-02:58
11-I'm A Man-02:58
12-Paper Sun-04:16
14-Coloured Rain-02:45
15-No Face, No Name, No Number-03:35
16-Heaven Is In Your Mind-04:19
17-Smiling Phases-02:43
18-Dear Mr. Fantasy-05:39
19-Pearly Queen-04:20
20-Forty Thousand Headmen-03:16
21-No Time To Live-05:22
22-Shanghai Noodle Factory-05:06
23-Medicated Goo-03:37
24-Withering Tree-03:03
01-Had To Cry Today-08:48
02-Can't Find My Way Home (electric version)-05:43
03-Sea Of Joy-05:25
04-Sleeping In The Ground (live)-04:33
05-Under My Thumb (live)-05:53
06-Stranger To Himself-03:54
07-John Barleycorn-06:24
09-Freedom Rider-05:29
10-Empty Pages-04:38
11-Low Spark Of High-Heeled Boys-11:43
01-Shoot Out At The Fantasy Factory-06:02
02-(Sometimes I Feel So) Uninspired (live)-10:32
03-Happy Vibes-04:56
04-Something New-03:17
05-Dream Gerrard-11:05
06-Walking In The Wind-06:56
07-When The Eagle Flies-04:27
09-Crossing The Line (live)-07:49
10-Hold On-04:34
11-Time Is Running Out-06:31
12-Vacant Chair-06:55
1995-The Finer Things
01-While You See A Chance-05:15
02-Arc Of A Diver-05:30
03-Spanish Dancer-06:02
04-Night Train-07:52
07-Talking Back To The Night-05:47
08-Your Silence Is Your Song-05:16
09-Higher Love-05:51
10-Freedom Overspill-04:19
11-Back In The High Life Again-04:25
12-The Finer Things-04:14
13-Roll With It-04:32
14-Don't You Know What The Night-04:32
15-One And Only Man-04:40

1997-Junction Seven (320kBit/s)

01-Spy In The House Of Love-04:46
02-Angel Of Mercy-05:02
03-Just Wanna Have Some Fun-04:57
04-Let Your Love Come Down-05:47
05-Real Love-05:22
06-Fill Me Up-04:27
07-Gotta Get Back To My Baby-04:52
08-Someone Like You-04:38
09-Family Affair-05:17
10-Plenty Lovin'-05:57
11-Lord Of The Street-06:26

2003-About Time (320kBit/s)

01-Different Light-06:36
02-Cigano (For The Gypsies)-06:20
03-Final Hour-05:36
04-Why Can't We Live Together-06:39
05-Domingo Morning-05:06
06-Now That You're Alive-05:29
08-Phoenix Rising-07:26
10-Walking On-04:55
11-Silvia (Who Is She?)-11:27
12-Dear Mr.Fantasy (Live) (Bonus Track)-08:09
13-Why Can't We Live Together (Live) (Bonus Track)-06:32
14-Voodoo Chile (Live) (Bonus Track)-14:50

2008-Nine Lives (320kBit/s)

01-I'm Not Drowning-03:32
03-Raging Sea-06:17
04-Dirty City-07:44
05-We're All Looking-05:25
06-Hungry Man-07:07
08-At Times We Do Forget-05:57
09-Other Shore-06:41

Spencer Davis Group
1996-Eight Gigs A Week - The Steve Winwood Years (2CD) (320kBit/s)

02-I Can't Stand It-02:08
03-Jump Back-01:43
04-Here Right Now-03:11
06-Midnight Train-02:40
07-It's Gonna Work Out Fine-03:01
08-My Babe-02:37
09-Kansas City-04:18
10-Every Little Bit Hurts-03:25
11-Sittin' & Thinkin'-02:55
12-I'm Blue (Gong Gong Song)-02:40
13-She Put The Hurt On Me-02:38
14-I'll Drown In My Own Tears-04:25
15-I'm Getting Better-02:10
16-Goodbye Stevie-02:21
17-Strong Love-02:13
18-Georgia On My Mind-04:38
19-It Hurts Me So-02:53
20-Oh! Pretty Woman-03:18
21-Look Away-02:40
22-This Hammer-02:13
23-Please Do Something-02:22
24-Keep On Running-02:45
25-Let Me Down Easy-03:00
01-Somebody Help Me-02:01
02-Watch Your Step-02:51
03-Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out-03:51
04-Midnight Special-02:12
05-When I Come Home-01:56
06-High Time Baby-02:40
07-Hey Darling-04:45
08-I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water-02:34
09-You Must Believe Me-02:43
11-Since I Met You Baby-03:25
12-Mean Woman Blues-03:12
13-Dust My Blues-02:34
14-When A Man Loves A Woman-03:07
15-Neighbour Neighbour-03:17
16-On The Green Light-03:04
17-Stevie's Blues-03:46
18-Take This Hurt Off Me-02:43
19-Stevie's Groove-02:43
20-I Can't Get Enough Of It-03:43
21-Waltz For Lumumba-04:18
22-Together Till The End Of Time-02:49
23-Gimme Some Lovin'-02:57
24-Back Into My Life Again-02:23
25-I'm A Man-02:55
26-Blues In F-03:26

Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood
2009-Live From Madison Square Garden (2CD) (320kBit/s)

01-Had To Cry Today-07:47
02-Low Down-04:10
03-Them Changes-05:10
04-Forever Man-03:33
05-Sleeping In The Ground-04:50
06-Presence Of The Lord-05:23
08-Well All Right-05:35
09-Double Trouble-08:06
10-Pearly Queen-06:10
11-Tell The Truth-06:43
12-No Face, No Name, No Number-04:09
01-After Midnight-04:46
02-Split Decision-06:26
03-Rambling On My Mind-04:01
04-Georgia On My Mind-05:05
05-Little Wing-06:42
06-Voodoo Chile-16:23
07-Can't Find My Way Home-05:34
08-Dear Mr. Fantasy-07:41

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