Neil The Horse (Underground - Restored) (Complete)

Neil The Horse (Underground - Restored) (Complete)

Aardvark-Vanaheim, 1983-1984, Renegade Press, 1985-1988

neil the horse Complete | 299 MB

Published by Aardvark-Vanaheim (Dave & Deni Sim at the time) of Cerebus fame, and then by Renegade Press (the company Deni created when she and Dave split).

Neil the Horse is a comic book character created by Canadian cartoonist Arn Saba (now Katherine Collins) in the mid 1970s. Neil is a happy, singing and dancing horse who likes bananas and milkshakes. Neil's adventures were syndicated in Canadian newspapers, published in a comic book series, and adapted for a radio musical.

The comic book series featured Neil and his friends Soapy and Mam'selle Poupée. All three of the characters sing, dance, and play music. The more developed comics stories primarily revolve around the trio's attempts to attain show-business success. While existing as a fantasy with nostalgic style, Neil the Horse also pays tribute to the era it was made (the 1980s). A typical issue included a story in prose with illustrations, a few short comic strips, and a longer comic-strip adventure. As the motto of Neil the Horse was "Making the World Safe for Musical Comedy" all issues also included original sheet music for the songs sung by the characters in the course of their adventures.

Neil is a happy go-lucky (and not too bright) horse with a mania for bananas. In some issues he breakdances in urban streets to the accompaniment of a boombox.

Mam'selle Poupée is a hopeless romantic living doll from France. Poupée's body is jointed like a Barbie figurine. With the red circles on her cheeks, curly hair, large bust and thin waistline, the French-accented Poupée appears to be a cross between Raggedy Ann and Dolly Parton. She wears headbands and works out à la Olivia Newton-John.



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