Perfect Storm - The England Riots Documentary Dvdrip Xvid - Mvgroup

Perfect Storm - The England Riots Documentary Dvdrip Xvid - Mvgroup
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Genre: Documentary

If the young are not initiated into the village, they will burn it down just to feel its warmth.” – African Proverb.

This mini-documentary film looks at the initial causes and wider context surrounding the recent England riots. Politicians refuse to acknowledge their role in creating a deeply unfair and failing society, a perfect storm of police brutality, city poverty and austerity measures, that will only get worse unless the root problem is addressed.

Did you know for the rioters to be on par with the looting by the financial bailouts, corporate tax avoiders and Libyan invasion, they would have to repeat the same level of damage……4,320 times?
Also please take the time to watch the full unedited interview by the huntingtigers Youtube channel on the ground in Tottenham. It stands alone on it’s own merit and should not be clouded even by this documentary.

Sky news had been busy ignoring local people and very selectively broadcasting their own views that day. This gentleman spoke the candid truth. He is a real person who did the video in ONE take, with no PR training and no media skills; just the simple and honest truth

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