DeathWAT v3.2.1 - Kill The Windows 7 Activation Process

DeathWAT v3.2.1 - Kill The Windows 7 Activation Process | 5.81 MB

DeathWAT V3.2.1 simply let's Windows 7 act as if it were activated so you can run Windows 7 without entering in a product key.
Does it mess with any Windows files?
Yes, It changes the way Windows sees some files.
Should I worry about the KB971033 update?
No, DeathWAT simply blocks that update from running so your PC will not phone home to Microsoft's servers.
Is DeathWAT free?
Yes, DeathWAT will always be free to download.
Windows is still telling me to buy a product key. Is this working?
Yes, Even though if you go to Start, Right click computer, properties, and Windows activation, it will still tell you to buy a product key but please ignore that since it is false. If you click on Buy A product key, You will get an error message saying could not open slui.exe or something like that and that is what you want. You see, DeathWAT changed it so Windows cannot run that file at all so you will not get any messages at all.
Should I read the README?
Yes, Even though it is very simple to use DeathWAT.
Is DeathWAT a big file?
No, it's under 5MB.
Which versions of Windows 7 will this work on?
All of them and it works for X86 and X64
Why are my languages gone in Optional Updates?
They are gone well, we have no idea lol. For some reason, they just disappeared after applying DeathWAT. However you can still download the languages and install them from Here:
What is the newest version of DeathWAT?
I still have a watermark on the bottom right of my desktop. What do I do?
You need to go to the DeathWAT V3.2.1 folder, and open the Remove Watermark folder. Read the "READ ME" file and do exactly what it says step by step.
I am on V3.0, How do I upgrade?
This is very important! If you are on V3.0, you have to uninstall V3.0 and then install V3.2.1. For older versions, you can just install V3.2.1 without uninstalling. If you have V3.0 installed and deleted the DeathWAT V3.0 installer, you can get it here:
I am on V3.1, How do I upgrade?
Download this file and read the README. Then once done, you can install V3.2.1. Download:

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