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EPUB2 understand and apply EPUB3 and KF8
This video training covers all relevant issues that accompany an e-book from planning to creation to publication together. In particular the use of the main formats and tools is shown from the ground up using simple understandable examples.

The issue of e-books is a very dynamic topic - interested him approaching from different sides. First, there are the "book people" as producer in publishing and book designer. Then there are authors with very different technical knowledge. There are also web designers who find that e-book technology has a lot to do with their world.
This video training takes up these different approaches and approaches. It presents tools that shows ways of production and partly very detailed KF8 creating certain features for the ePUB format, version 2 and 3 and the Amazon and Mobipocket formats. Immerse yourself in the exciting world of e-book creation. Become a specialist in ePUB and KF8.

From the contents

What is an eBook?
To start, take a first approach to the subject "E-Books": What they are, how they look, how do you read and how is the technical concept.

EBook-specific hardware and software
E-books can be read for the most part on specific hardware: e-ink readers, smartphones and tablet PCs. See more about the ways of reading.

Copy protection and digital rights management (DRM)
There are e-books, with and without copy protection: What does this mean for the publisher, author, and especially for the user? .

Software for e-book production
Learn about the software used in this tutorial is always used. Of course you can also use other tools - that's the beauty of open source concepts, such as XML.

The ePub container
The ePub e-book format is a container that contains all the files needed. Take a look at the contents of this container.

Purpose, structure and functioning of the XHTML files
The textual content of e-books are in XHTML documents. Learn the structures and the development of these documents supplemented by best practice examples.

Create ePub eBooks
Now it's about the workflow: See how to create the necessary files and use.

The e-book format ePub3
ePub3 established itself as the new standard and offers many new ways to make e-books more appealing. Even the multimedia section will be extended further in ePub3.

HTML5 in ePub3
With the introduction of HTML5 in ePub3 there are many new opportunities. Learn what's new for emphasis, how to embed audio and video, and why you should be sparing in ePub-specific enhancements of HTML5.

The Kindle Format 8
The Kindle Format 8 is widely used. For successful publication should also be intended for the market served. Learn to complete the Amazon and Mobipocket formats KF8 and know how these files are created for the Kindle.

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