Portable Print Artist Platinum Edition

Portable Print Artist Platinum Edition | 974MB

Print Artist Platinum - an interesting solution that allows home users easy tools for printing both photos, and created in its midst illustrative projects. The basis for such projects can provide pictures that if you want a colorful easy to make, using a frame, or combine into simple collages, as well as high-quality illustrations, based on which, without spending a lot of time and effort, you can prepare a spectacular greeting cards, invitations, calendars, letters, scrapbooks, banners, CD covers, etc.
Creating a project is carried out, simply select the template you want to include photographs and / or drawings of the base, if you want to complete it with additional text - and you can print the design on a printer or send an e-mail. A project can be saved in native format of the program for further work or in one of the most popular graphic formats. Get a unique result is simple, because the supply is about 1.5 thousand different patterns, over 300 fonts and more than 10 thousand images (simple geometric shapes and images of professional quality).

However, it should be borne in mind that the vast majority of images from the database (not the standard shape) is designed for home users. Therefore, the establishment of Print Artist Gold, for example, flyers, business cards and other working materials though possible, but less convenient - may require additional illustrations export, and save the project in PDF format is provided. But to prepare comic invitations, greeting card or collage with photos of children program is suitable fine. In addition, the package may be of interest to users, with occupations working with children, as part of the base of many funny and simple kids illustrations can be used for registration of deeds for the winners in the competitions, behavior diaries, children's calendars, etc. .

With this package, you can remove red-eye and adjust the brightness and contrast of the images failed to add to the illustrations framing and support layers to achieve interesting results through multi overlay images and text to each other. Available and the standard transformations, such as image rotation, cropping and changing its size, and for the text is valid not only adjusting the default settings (interline and character spacing, kerning, etc.), and apply effects (shadow, stroke, etc.), that allows you to create impressive titles.

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