Photoshop Style Packs 11.01.2013

Photoshop Style Packs 11.01.2013 | 1.4GB

The File Extension for Photoshop Shape File is .asl. So if you see a .asl file

Extension, you may be sure that it is a Photoshop Style File.

Photoshop Styles offer a wide scope and possibility of livening up your Photoshop
Experience as well as enable you a method for creating Fantastic and Awesome Text and other effects within Photoshop. It will also open up the whole new world of Blending in Photoshop.

UnRar the downloaded file and place the .asl. files in :

C: - Program Files - Adobe - Adobe Photoshop - Presets - Styles, Folder.

You can assess these Styles Panel from within Photoshop

Going up to the Window menu in the Menu Bar along the top of the screen and choosing 'Styles'. A checkmark to the left of a panel name means it currently displaying on the screen. If there no checkmark, it means it currently hidden:

(You can customize , Load, Add, Remove Styles by using the the Menu by clicking on a small Triangular Sub Menu in the Upper Right of the Styles Menu).

These Styles are widely compatible from Photoshop 7 to CS6 and Windows OS - Win 98 to Win 8.

Download from Rapidgator

Download from Uploaded

Download from Cloudzer

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