MAXON CINEMA 4D Studio R13.061 x86-x64 (2012/Eng)

MAXON CINEMA 4D Studio R13.061 x86-x64 (2012/Eng) | 4.5GB

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Complete professional solution for creating and editing three-dimensional effects and objects, which gives the designer all the tools needed for high-quality rendering and animation. MAXON Computer GmbH The company was founded in 1986 and initially specialized in the production of professional journals on computer technology, manufacturing equipment and software development. Today MAXON is developing solutions for use with three-dimensional graphics and is one of the leading companies in the industry.
The leading product MAXON Computer GmbH - a family of software CINEMA 4D. This package is an animation system of production and editing three-dimensional objects. In 1991, Christian (Christian) and Philip Lesh (Philip Losch) predecessor created CINEMA - program FastRay - for the computer platform Amigo. Christian and Philip created a program of three-dimensional computer graphics in which you could do, and animation - another dimension, and not long doubted, adding one more to the usual yedinichku abbriviature 3D release was published in 1993 under the package name familiar to us CINEMA 4D. As long as PCs only Amigo.
However, in 1994, it becomes clear that the time has passed Amigo and Atari, and a team of developers strives to new heights. In 1996, CINEMA 4D 4.0 comes out for both platforms, Windows, Macintosh and Alpha NT.

Other sought-after software MAXON Computer GmbH - BodyPaint 3D - solution for creating textures. Development companies are characterized by high speed and reliability of operations, advanced technologies editing three-dimensional images.

A brief overview of the main features of the program Maxon Cinema 4D:

Exchange of data
The program is compatible with a variety of formats: raster, vector, optsialnymi, 3D-format editors, animation and compositing. CINEMA 4D can directly produce design files Adobe After Effects, Discreet Combustion, Apple Final Cut, Apple Shake and Eyeon Fusion.

Parametric and polygonal modeling
The basic original forms are available in CINEMA 4D as the primitives, whose properties are easily changed. Parametric objects are converted to polygons, if desired, the tools work on polygons allow you to view the results of the changes in real time. You can create polygons with an unlimited number of faces.

CINEMA 4D has an extensive set of tools to control the texture with layers, filters and tablet support. MultiBrush technology allows you to create multiple texture maps in a variety of channels at the same time material and then see the result. Brush can determine not only color but also the material.

Simulation of the background
Projection Man is a tool for the development of three-dimensional scenes, the so-called 3D-Matte-Painting. This function works with a combination of simple geometry, the projection of the camera and drawing tools and BodyPaint 3D or Adobe Photoshop.

Development of materials
Material system MAXON CINEMA 4D allows you to control the parameters of color, diffusion, transparency, reflection, environment, fog, bump, alpha, glow, displacement, lights, and others.

Processing of UV
The program helps to qualitatively expand the geometry of the object using the map coordinates of UV.

Setting up lighting
MAXON CINEMA 4D generates a variety of light sources, shadows and forms of their combinations. In addition, as the light source can be individually configured to any object.

The system is characterized by high speed imaging and image quality. The maximum image size CINEMA 4D reaches 16,000 x 16,000 pixels. Are supported by multi-pass rendering and bundles of various applications for compositing. Adaptive smoothing of faces is working with 256 one-time oversampling, and the user is provided with a variety of optimal algorithms. CINEMA 4D can calculate the animation interlaced and progressive formats OpenEXR or HDR.

MAXON CINEMA 4D includes a variety of functions of three-dimensional animation. The simplest of them - automatic entry keys. In this mode, all changes are recorded automatically.

The use of graphics expression XPresso
This function defines the dependence of the behavior of objects from each other.

In addition to the basic program, which includes a standard set of tools for modeling, texturing, rendering and animation, available components, including additional tools and features:

• Advanced Render. Enhanced visualization of scenes, the creation of volumetric objects (clouds, smoke, fog);
• BodyPaint 3D. Tools for creating UV unwrapping and texture maps. (With the R10 is included in the basic module);
• Dynamics. Module to simulate the dynamics of hard and soft bodies;
• HAIR. A module for creating hair;
• MOCCA. The module is designed to work on character animation. Includes a system simulation of tissue, morph, different deformer tools to create a barn, and much more;
• MoGraph. The module is designed to generate and animate objects. Imprisoned for creating motion graphics;
• NETRender. The module allows you to calculate the animation network of computers;
• PyroCluster. Tools for creating volumetric effects. Smoke, dust, etc. (with the R10 is included in the module Advanced Render);
• Sketch and Toon. The module allows you to create a nefotorealisticheskuyu render the scene;
• Thinking Particles. The module includes a node control system particles.

Important changes and additions to the Maxon Cinema 4D R13:
The new version adds new character animation tools, a new physically correct rendering, introduced support for stereo (3D).

Physically correct rendering:
In Cinema 4D R 13 can now be visualized as photo-realistic images. This is achieved thanks to a new physically correct render engine, which allows you (for a hike!) By changing the camera parameters (focal length, aperture and shutter speed) to calculate a realistic quality 3D Motion Blur, DOF (Depth of Field) and lens distortion (Distortion)

Updated Subsurface Scattering Shader:
Now users can effectively create translucent materials, the effect of subsurface scattering, such as milk, leather and wax. The new SSS shader support both physical and standard rendering engines.

Image Sampler:

A new algorithm for sampling the quality of the image allows you to specify the quality of rendering of various effects such as motion blur, depth of field, quality, Area shadows, self-shadowing (Ambient Occlusion) and diffuse reflections. The quality of sample images can be defined in several ways - a fixed number of samples, adaptive or progressive. The latest version of the image can be computed, or a specified number of passes, or be limited in time by one frame.
- New anti-aliasing filter (Anti-Alising): In the setting of Anti-Alising added two new filters Mitchell and Gauss, allowing to achieve a high quality anti-aliasing when rendering images.

Stereo 3D:
In Cinema 4D R13 adds the ability to create a stereoscopic 3D content that can be previewed in the working window, and Picture Viewer.

Object Character:
Very flexible and simple tool for creating characters. In fact, allows a designer to collect all sorts of skeletons and apply them to characters.

SMotion System:
The new system allows you to create CMotion or use ready-made blanks for creating Walk Cycles. You can set the motion for a spline or surface, or set manually operated. SMotion integrates perfectly with the object of Character.

The new system of muscles:
With the new system of muscles, the muscles, you can create a variety of shapes and attach them to multiple nodes (Joint). Includes deformery for the deformation of the skin.

New deformer Collision:
Allows you to deform the surface of one object by another collision.

Also: In the 13th version also has a lot of improvements and additions. Updated navigation system, the interface introduced some improvements (including support for vertical tabs), Edge loop can be selected by double clicking on the verge of not choosing the appropriate tool, supports layers in OpenEXR and more.

CINEMA 4D R13.061 Buil released Jun 15, 2012

· Overall stability of renderer increased
· Overall stability of renderer while rendering to open Picture Viewer enhanced

· UpdateMerge - Material Update - updates with same texture are now handled correctly

· MoSpline Turtle + Sweep Scale have been fixed

· RelaxUV has been fixed

System requirements:

Windows XP, Vista or 7 running on Intel or AMD CPU with SSE2-Support; Mac OS X 10.5.8 or higher running on an Intel-based Mac; 1024 MB RAM, DVD ROM drive. Standard DVD installation can take up to 4 GB of disk space. Software must be registered for permanent use.

Supported operating systems for CINEMA 4D R13 and BodyPaint 3D R13
Windows 7 (all variations)
Windows Vista (all variations)
Windows Vista 64-bit (all variations)
Windows 2008 Server
Windows 2008 Server 64-bit
Windows XP (Pro / Home) Service Pack 2 & 3
Windows XP Pro 64-bit
Windows Server 2003
Windows 2003 Server 64-bit

Minimum processor for Windows PC
Intel Pentium 4
Athlon 64
Sempron (K8 with SSE2)

Supported processors:
Intel Pentium M
Intel Pentium 4
Intel Pentium 4D
Intel XEON
Intel Core Solo
Intel Core Duo
Intel Core 2 Duo
Intel Core 2 Quad
Intel Core i7
Intel Core i5
Intel Core i3
Intel Celeron
Intel Celeron D
AMD Sempron (K8/Socket 754)
AMD Athlon 64
AMD Opteron
AMD Phenom

Unsupported CPU:
Intel Itanium
Intel Itanium II
Intel Pentium
Intel Pentium II
Intel Pentium III
AMD Athlon XP / MP
AMD Duron
Power PC G4
Power PC G5

Year: 2012
Web Developer:
OS: Windows XP, 2003, 2008, Vista or 7
Language: English


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