HD Widgets v.3.5.4 ( Android )

HD Widgets v.3.5.4 ( Android ) | 18MB

Three clock types, two sidebars, and dozens of colors and styles for each means hundreds of configurations – easy to match your personal style and backgrounds.

Same app – multiple platforms. We started on tablets and ported to phones. This means all widgets are custom designed for you device – the tablet version even has large tablet-sized widgets with extra features.

It’s a touchscreen, not keyboard, so swipe is the rule of thumb. Swipe between widgets, swipe between options, swipe the menu… you get it. So do we.

There’s so many different widget types, how do you remember which ones you’re using? Now it’s easy to find and configure your active widgets all in one place.

It’s easy to check out different themes, layouts, and combos using the preview screen. HD Widgets remembers your settings so when you make a new widget, it’s already skinned.

IHD Widgets starts off with an easy to follow user guide to help Android newcomers learn the basics of adding widgets.

Lots of details and information for you current weather including short & long descriptions, sunrise & sunset, wind, temperature, hi / lo & “feels like” updated every hour.

Know how your week is going to go all in the same screen. Hi / lo temperature and detailed descriptions for each day.

You have your choice of two weather services. Switch sources anytime to compare forecasts. Each provide essential information, but they have their own styles and details.

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