Atomic Alarm Clock 6.25

Atomic Alarm Clock 6.25

Atomic Alarm Clock 6.25 | 5.97 MB

Atomic Alarm Clock - This program will transform your clock in the system tray, it will add functionality and appeal. As a signal, the program allows the use of MP3-files. In addition to working as an alarm clock, the program can also run at the scheduled time, other applications, log out, restart the computer, turn it off, and more.

The program also has the ability to synchronize the current time with an atomic clock. With the substitution of the system clock, allowing you to see in addition to the regular hours and minutes and also seconds, day, date, countdown reverse time shows time for any time zone. Clock appearance can choose from hundreds of possible variants of skins that are available for download on the official website of the program.

Program features:
- Fully customizable look through more skins in the distribution
- Handy calendar
- A wide range of information that should be displayed on the clock (time, day of the week, current date)
- Great opportunities for setting the alarm
- Play any audio file as an alarm clock
- Perform an action at a specified time (starting a program, displaying a message, turn off your computer, etc.)
- Built-in synchronizer via the Internet.

Atomic Alarm Clock - Set your alarm clock and replace your standard tray clock using different skins. Alert yourself about important events with different alarms and replace your computer tray clock using different skins. Computer Alarm Clock that will play any MP3 file. It can also run a program, log off, reboot, shut down, or turn off. Atomic Alarm Clock is also an atomic-time synchronizer and advanced replacement for Windows tray clock. Over 130 skins are included in the distribution. It is supported by Longhorn clock style. This program includes multilingual interface support (20 languages)! This completely customizable application is built into your personal PC.

Here are some key features of "Atomic Alarm Clock":
· Fully automated PC usage / Project tracking software that surveys the time spent on the PC. WorkTime gathers statistics about projects you work on.
· Time tracking is the process of recording the time that you or employees work on various projects or tasks for your customers, your company, or yourself.
· Employee Project Clock is a employee time recording system. If your company must keep track of several employees' time entry on one or more workstations, this time clock software is just for you.
· Clock Tray Skins - Advanced replacement for standard Windows tray desktop clock. See the time, day, and date in different skins. Over 130 skins are included in the distribution.
· Shows current time and date in another time zone, next to your computer desktop clock.
· Speaks the time, enhances taskbar desktop clock

Platform: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
Tablet: serial
Size: 5.97 MB


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