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    English |0387096078 | 393 pages | PDF | 6.15 MB

    A Modern Approach to Regression with R focuses on tools and techniques for building regression models using real-world data and assessing their validity. A key theme throughout the book is that it makes sense to base inferences or conclusions only on valid models.
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    English | ISBN-10:1578064821| PDF | 370 pages | 8MB

    One survivor tells of the fire bombing of Dresden. Another recounts the pervasive fear of marauding Russian and Czech bandits raping and killing. Children recall fathers who were only photographs and mothers who were saviors and heroes.
    These are typical in the stories collected in The War of Our Childhood: Memories of World War II. For this book Wolfgang W. E. Samuel, a childhood refugee himself after the fall of Nazi Germany, interviewed twenty-seven men and women who as children--by chance and sheer resilience--survived Allied bombs, invading armies, hunger, and chaos.
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    English | ISBN-10: 186094518X| 276 pages | PDF | 14 MB

    This book counteracts the current fashion for theories of "chaos" and unpredictability by describing a theory that underpins the surprising accuracy of current deterministic weather forecasts, and it suggests that further improvements are possible. The book does this by making a unique link between an exciting new branch of mathematics called "optimal transportation" and existing classical theories of the large-scale atmosphere and ocean circulation. It is then possible to solve a set of simple equations proposed many years ago by Hoskins which are asymptotically valid on large scales, and use them to derive quantitative predictions about many large-scale atmospheric and oceanic phenomena. A particular feature is that the simple equations used have highly predictable solutions, thus suggesting that the limits of deterministic predictability of the weather may not yet have been reached. It is also possible to make rigorous statements about the large-scale behaviour of the atmosphere and ocean by proving results using these simple equations and applying them to the real system allowing for the errors in the approximation. There are a number of other titles in this field but they do not treat this large-scale regime.

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    English | ISBN-10: 0321382188 | CHM | 1088 pages | 17.54 MB

    I come from a T-SQL background, so when I first laid my eyes on SQL Server 2005, I was shocked--and then, I was scared! I didn't have a CLR or XML background and suddenly had an urgent need to learn it. SQL Server 2005 is too big of a release to learn from the books online. Fortunately, now there is a book for developers who need to go from SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2005 and to do it as painlessly as possible. Basically, it's one-stop shopping for serious developers who have to get up to speed quickly. I'll keep this one on my desk--not on my bookshelf. Well done, Bob and Dan!" --Dr. Tom Moreau SQL Server MVP and Monthly Columnist SQL Server Professional, Brockman Moreau Consulting Inc. "A SQL book truly for developers, from two authorities on the subject. I'll be turning to this book first when I need to understand a component of SQL Server 2005." --Matt Milner Instructor Pluralsight "An excellent book for those of us who need to get up to speed on what's new in SQL Server 2005. The authors made sure this book includes the final information for the release version of the product.
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    English | ISBN-10: 0785110437 | CBR | 144 pages | 47.63 MB

    An aging orphan receives his fondest wish and is adopted by the wealthiest man in town... who also happens to be the costumed adventurer known as Hawk-Owl, the Midnight Avenger, Chicago's crime-fighting scourge! If you ever wondered about the relationships between super heroes and their sidekicks, this action-packed yet hilarious adventure answers all the questions you were afraid to ask!
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    English | ISBN-10: 0890242879 | PDF | 96 pages | 8.88 MB

    This is a How To Use An Airbrush Book from Kalmbach Books. FEATURES: Glossy softcover 96 page book with 215 full-color photographs. This book presents 11 dynamic projects to help you achieve creative, colorful and ultra-realistic finishes for your plastic models. Techniques covered include a variety of camouflage, weathering, high- gloos, ""vinyl".
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    English | ISBN-10: 1574864564 | JPG | 208 pages | 28.04 MB

    Leisure Arts reached into the vault and pulled out a treasure! The Big Book of Crochet combines popular projects from Crochet with Heart magazine and other Leisure Arts publications for one of the most compre-hensive collections ever.From extra-quick to micro-fine, there's something for every need and skill level, including afghans, baby items, clothing, and home accents.
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    English | ISBN-10: 0669387302 | PDF | 49 pages | 12.99 MB

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    English | ISBN-10: 0415260116 | PDF | 440 pages | 5.74 MB

    Early Dynastic Egypt spans the five centuries preceding the construction of the Great Pyramid at Giza. This was the formative period of ancient Egyptian civilization, and it witnessed the creation of a distinctive culture that was to endure for 3,000 years. This book examines the background to that great achievement, the mechanisms by which it was accomplished, and the character of life in the Nile valley during the first 500 years of Pharaonic rule.
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    English | ISBN-10: 1587132516 | PDF | 264 pages | 17.21 MB

    The Cisco CCNA Exploration curriculum provides a comprehensive overview of networking, from fundamentals to advanced applications and services. This course emphasizes theoretical concepts and practical application, giving you hands-on skills for designing, installing, operating, and maintaining real-world networks. While extensive online study resources and comprehensive textbooks are available, many students and instructors have requested a low-cost printed resource that can be used to study in places where Internet access may not be available. This booklet is that resource. Drawn directly from the online curriculum, it covers every skill and competency covered in the latest CCNA Exploration Routing Protocols and Concepts course. This booklet enables you to study offline, highlight key points, and take handwritten notes. All topics are correlated directly to online web pages, helping you easily switch between offline and online content.
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    English | ISBN-10: 1576856860 | PDF | 300 pages | 1.55 MB

    Whether you are student who needs more practice than your textbook provides or a professional eager to brush up on your skills, 1001 Math Problems gives you all the practice you need to succeed. The ultimate learn-by-doing preparation guide, 1001 Math Problems will teach you how to: Prepare for important exams Develop multiple-choice test strategies Learn math rules and how to apply them to problems Overcome math anxiety through skills reinforcement and focused practice How does 1001 Math Problems build your math skills?
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    English | ISBN-10: 082615641X | PDF | 270 pages | 5.48 MB

    University of Southern California, Los Angeles. Second edition of a sourcebook of approaches to treating sexual abuse survivors, for therapists. Presents behaviorally-based treatment interventions. Discusses the controversy of the false or recovered memory controversy.
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    English | ISBN-10: 0198603800 | PDF | 256 pages | 72.94 MB

    This brand-new guide to Russian grammar and verbs provides clear and simple explanations of today's written and spoken Russian. Comprehensive and easy to use, with coverage of all the key points of Russian grammar, it is the ideal support book for any Russian language course and is ideal for use with Oxford's Take off in Russian and other audio language learning packs. Thousands of examples in an instantly accessible layout show how the language works. Detailed tables of regular and irregular Russian verbs feature ultra-clear explanations and an easy-access design. Finally, all grammatical terms are explained in a glossary.
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    English | ISBN-10: 0816067708 | PDF | 480 pages | 21.11 MB

    A valuable resource for students, teachers, and librarians, this updated edition by an award-winning author of more than 50 books presents a time line of Native North American life, history, and culture from around 25,000 BCE to 2006. Approximately 1,500 brief entries highlight significant events in 11 chapters, starting with "Before 1492" and ending with a new chapter, "2000 to the Present." The previous edition was published in 2001. Topics include origins and early migration patterns of Indians into North America; all major wars, battles, and conflicts; federal Indian policies; resettlement issues and life on reservations; Indian participation in the world wars, American film, and government; the Indian Rights movement and political organization; advances made in education; the legal status and health of Indian populations; and Native American art, religion, music, and literature. Black-and-white photos, a map, and sidebars with quotes by famous Indians and non-Indians add further interest. A glossary, a list of works discussed in the entries, a bibliography, and an index complete the work.
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    English | ISBN-10: 0345376595 | Audio + PDF | 384 pages | 207.98 MB

    In a tour of our solar system, galaxy and beyond, Cornell astronomer Sagan meshes a history of astronomical discovery, a cogent brief for space exploration and an overview of life-from its origins in the oceans to humanity's first emergence to a projected future where humans "terraform" and settle other planets and asteroids, Earth having long been swallowed by the sun. Maintaining that such relocation is inevitable, the author further argues that planetary science is of practical utility, fostering an interdisciplinary approach to looming environmental catastrophes such as "nuclear winter" (lethal cooling of Earth after a nuclear war, a widely accepted prediction first calculated by Sagan in 1982). His exploration of our place in the universe is illustrated with photographs, relief maps and paintings, including high-resolution images made by Voyager 1 and 2, as well as photos taken by the Galileo spacecraft, the Hubble Space Telescope and satellites orbiting Earth, which show our planet as a pale blue dot. A worthy sequel to Sagan's Cosmos.
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