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    SATeam always try to approach our user with new feature, styles, changes. So may our respectful users don't get bored as they visit us daily, 7 days a week. And now this time.

    We have a big surprise for You!
    The NEW Version of Your Most Favourite Website SoftArchive.
    In New SA, we tried to Keep all things in the usual place to make you easy to adopt.

    We hope you will like this new version.
    If during using, you find any bug or think that it is a bug or you are uncomfort with, then it is very important to report it to us. Please send us the bug report on .

    Now time to enjoy the NEW Year again with NEW SA
    Your Comment are important to us!

    Thanks to you all friends
    SA Team
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    We want to present you our new FileHostings Feature
    Yes...........Since Long we have not give any update to our users, but time has come to make and let you know about it!
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    Dear Members and Visitors,

    Time to make some changes with file-hosting services.
    As you know, our mandatory file hosts are: RapidShare or MediaFire + ANY other mirrors.

    Why we want to change it?
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    SoftArchive wishes you the best this holiday season and a very happy new year!

    2012 is already here and we would like to thank all our visitors for staying with us.

    28 Photos From Around the World - Read more!

    Peace and Thank You – SATeam
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    We are happy to announce that we have added sub-categories!

    Let us know what you think. 


    Got any ideas or suggestions? Please let us know!

    Regards and have a very Wonderfull Time always .
    SA Team
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    The Staff of SoftArchive would like to wish a Happy New Year
    to all our readers from around the world!

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    We Know That You are Irritated Now because You Cannot access Private Blog Fully If You are Not Connected to that Particular Blog.
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    Some Points of our Site Rules Updated

    SA Team is keeping on Monitoring what's going around
    and from time to time, some things changing ...
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    45 Anonymous 23.11.2014

    Here SA Team Is Back, With Fantastic Addition!

    SA Mini-Community - URL:

    "It's Time Now Our Members to Get in Touch & Interact with Each Other in Our Community"

    Find Out It Inside ...
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    Here We Come Back, With More Features & Enhancements !

    ::: Get Notified by E-mail Feature
    If you Logged out of SA and a New PM landed at your Inbox while you were chatting or surfing the Net, a Notification would come to your E-mail with the PM Title to let you decide to Read it Immediately or Later !

    ::: Manage Users In Your Blog(s)
    Now you can Manage Users (Upgrade to a Moderator or Downgrade to Ban) ! With Your own Search Engine in Blog(s) you can Search & Find to Set easily and quickly !

    ::: SA Search Engine
    Our Search Engine Optimized to a Better Degree with More Accuracy & Speed ! Moreover you can Search by Category to catch faster what you seek after !

    Stay Tuned with SA Team Our Partners ! More Unique Privileges Will Rise Soon !
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    New Design, New Look ! Enjoy it !

    Time Comes Our Dear Members To Break Monotony

    SA New Design is just a try to satisfy most tastes and we know it is a tough task to tackle !

    With the new Flavor, color contrast will be more comfortable for your eyes !

    Being online for a long time surfing our site is a pleasant challenge

    and we want to keep it going on ! Enjoy it !

    Stay Tuned with SA Team !
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    SA Team is as always trying to read your thoughts and reveal what you wish to have while surfing and picking up !

    So It's Time now for One of series of our New Features to Hit ! Can we depend on you !

    Help SA Team to remove what Wastes Time or Cheats us to make our Community as We all Wish Hand in Hand !
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    Good news for all users with resolution 1024x768 and below, small bug in design is fixed now.

    We are sorry about this mistake/inconvenience.

    If you find any mistakes/bugs in design/script please inform us by mail: [email protected]

    Best Regards,
    SA Team

    Its been long time that we havnt Publish any News about the Site and about your Blog Promotion so here we are again.

    We hav-e now the Following.

    Your can add any post to click "+" to your bookmarks.
    When u do that that particular post will be available in your bookmarks.
    Click "-" and post will be removed from your bookmarks.
    All simple and easy.

    2. RSS - Main page:
    RSS for MAIN PAGE is now fully activated and available via url:

    3. Search:
    We every day monitoring our search engine and trying make it better and best.

    Here is the Latest statistic at this moment .
    a) We have more than 200 000 registered users now.
    b) More than 30 000 articles are now available! BIG thanks for all who make quality articles for peoples.

    We are still working with script and make it better. More others features will be available later.

    4) Blog promotion tools.
    All must be thinking that we dont allow Blog Advertise in own Article But Good to announce that We have allowed it.

    Now your have own blog with url: , so your can advertise it easily!
    How? = For it your have own HEAD.

    For example: url to u blog after download links, Watermark for your images, try PROMO with rapidshare acc, make any "CONTEST" for users in your blog! Try all what your think is right! We will sure allow it!

    Q- Why you need this wayt?

    A- We dont approve many articles for main, because we can't approve all ebooks for main or all graphics articles for main and etc.
    But all Article will be saved in your Blog even if we dont approve it For MAIN PAGE

    Last but not least. You dont need to PM us regarding your Article that why it hasnt given on MAIN PAGE.

    Friends, You have your own Blog Now and you need to Keep Trying to Promote it and very soon you will see that How many user has started Liking It.

    Thanks to you all fiends
    SA Team
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