Pinnacle TVCenter VR-Team

Pinnacle TVCenter VR-Team
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TVCenter 6 is a completely new version of our software to watch TV on your PC. TVCenter is now even faster to use and requires less valuable system resources of your PC. TVCenter 6 can therefore be easily operated on so-called netbooks with simpler processor and memory capacity, unless it is HDTV programs.

Compared to the previous version of TVCenter installation is greatly simplified. The user is guided safely through the configuration steps, and the tuning has been optimized for the different DVB-TV standards. For convenient use of radio functions, a separate application.

To keep the system requirements as low as possible, including the recording function has been completely revised. TVCenter 6 receives television broadcasts in their original format without loss of quality. This made recordings can be played on the so-called gallery with selection of subtitles and audio track. This recording can now in the background - without slowing down your PC work - are transferred to different target formats such as DivX, iPod / PSP.''

What does TVCenter 6?
- Fast and compact installation
- drastically reduced system requirements
- Optimized, rapid tuning
- New graphical user interface
- Full HD support - multi-tuner support
- recording in native format (transport stream)
- transcoding engine for the generation of DivX, Ipod, PSP, and MPEG formats
- schedule recordings and program
- Master controller for faster access to important functions - separate radio application
- Gallery of Images
- play the recordings with subtitle and audio track change possible
- Ultra-fast Teletext
- TV Digital OnGuide - Electronic program guide
- Full support for Windows 7
- Supports MPEG2 SD / HD
- Support AVC H.264 with AAC
- Supports Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital / Audio EAC3
- PID filtering to reduce the data rate
- Update from older TVCenter applications
- Supports Pinnacle / PCTV Systems Hardware What is new Pinnacle TVCenter
- Windows 8 compatible
- DistanTV mobile version 2
- H.264 codec with DXVA support
- New integrated EPG
- New export formats for recording

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