PC Chaperone Professional 5.7.1791

PC Chaperone Professional 5.7.1791 | 7.45 MB

PC Chaperone offers flexible and robust access controls designed for use by parents, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, governments, and private enterprise. The main functionality of PC Chaperone is an effective time management system designed to offer complete control over which programs can be used at what times, and for how long. PC Chaperone is 100% multi-user ready. Using a security model that employs shareable security policies adds infinite flexibility while making the task of configuring and maintaining PC Chaperone quick and easy. This model employs two different types of objects: security policies and user accounts.

A security policy is simply a set of rules. A user account identifies a unique user. A security policy can be shared by many user accounts, or can be unique to one user. This allows the grouping of several users under one policy, meaning that a separate set of restrictions don't have to be defined for each user.

Fey Features:

· Control and monitor users without their knowledge
· PC Chaperone setup files can be shared from a common central location
· Allows security settings on all workstations to be updated by making changes to only one workstation
· Record both sides of any Live Messenger or Yahoo Instant Messenger conversation
· Monitor every website users visit
· Record every keystroke in any program
· Record which programs are being used and for how long
· Block peer-to-peer file sharing programs, a common source of adult content as well as illegal music, movie, and software
· Pre-built filters that include extensive lists of known websites as well as powerful dynamic filters that categorize web pages as they are viewed
· Create your own lists of websites to block or allow. You can even restrict Internet access to only sites you approveThe perfect tool to limit time spent on sites like MySpace.com and Facebook
· Schedule when Windows Live Messenger (MSN) or Yahoo Instant Messenger can be used
· Control who users can have conversations with
· Schedule access to programs and groups of programs
· Completely block access to any programs
· Schedule when the computer can be used
· Prevent users from installing new software
· Disable the registry editing tool
· Prevent windows date/time changes
· Disable the Windows Task Manager
· Disable MS-DOS windows



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