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AdGuard 5.3 Database: | 1.51 Mb
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Adguard - a program of Internet filter, whose main tasks are to protect against unwanted ads on web sites, as well as protection from malicious or phishing websites. Owing to the peculiarities of their work, in addition to those listed, the program greatly increases the security of your computer from viruses and similar malicious programs.

A. Works with all popular browsers;
Two. Designed for ad-blocking characteristic you'll ever need;
Three. Easy to use, invisible blocks ads in the background;
4. Has a browser module for blocking ads by hand;
Five. Works "out of the box", requiring no additional configuration;
6. Is indispensable when using the 3G modem, as significantly speeds up page loading and saves bandwidth;

+ New multilingual user interface
+ Added an experimental filter, the creation of which users can participate
+ Added support for browsers, Nichrome, Yandeks.Internet, Chromium (, Palemoon
+ Added ability to save your settings when you remove Adguard
+ Added a filter for the German segment of the
+ Added support for Windows 8
+ Added auto-save status Antibanner and Antiphishing you restart the application
+ You can send a complaint to a false positive in the support

Adguard will also be very useful to users 3g-modem. Due to the filtering of Internet sites on the promotional materials, you will save much traffic, and speed up the loading of web pages.

After installation, Adguard quietly runs in the background, independently performing all necessary actions to protect you from advertisements and malicious websites.

This help file was created to help you understand how the program works in general, as well as to describe the properties and functions of its components. We assume that the user has basic knowledge and skills needed to use the operating system Windows. If you are unfamiliar with concepts such as "folder", "file" or "window" or meaning "to go out the window" or "press", we recommend that before reading this help file to get acquainted with the relevant user guide.



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    S/N no longer work. Can't activate, only 14 days trial.

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