take my pics down

take my images off your shit site or im taking legal action

10 Aug 2012 Jennywren -8.56

Answers (15)

  • Fudge 10 Aug 2012

    typical Nopub & Freinds - you can tell by the language used who it is

  • mf1212 10 Aug 2012

    what pics?
    is it something ronsisn or I put up, all I images linked (they're not here) wore found via google or binq.

  • mf1212 10 Aug 2012

    once something hits the net there's no way getting it out, you can't put the genie back in the bottle. But you've got me curios what images are yours?
    the chick with the bottle or the one with 3 girls?

    anyway they're hosted at ballsgohere.com so go bother them.

  • Fudge 10 Aug 2012

    I am taking legal action? - so we should be shiting our self ?

    Nice threat but it doesnt work here

  • rwalker 10 Aug 2012

    when i read the dmca complain rules... hahahaha.. complainer kill yourself...

  • iNDEx 10 Aug 2012

    Dear "model Distania" please learn how to write correct DMCA abuse... google will help to you....maybe

  • mf1212 10 Aug 2012

    here's an idea don't put your personal photo's online, keep your privacy private the moment you upload something be it on facebook or tweeter or whatever they're gona leak, a picture I recently saw (fudge this might interest you)

  • Fudge 10 Aug 2012


  • sisyphus 10 Aug 2012

    Search for "model Distania" on SA, god is she ugly, I doubt anybody down loaded her stuff anyway, I would not.

  • Fudge 10 Aug 2012

    LMAO Sis

  • mf1212 10 Aug 2012

    A porn star wannabe upset that her nude photo's are on the net?

  • Fudge 10 Aug 2012


  • Fudge 10 Aug 2012

    This user and no doubt asshole nopub just made a new user name and loged in to post this crap

  • ronsin 10 Aug 2012


    Read more here

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