Rapidgator - Are You serious?

Seriously - we are expected to use this service as a mandatory service?

It gets shutdown by its own hosting company, paypal refuse to do business with them.

Its stopped working not once but twice this year alone! And you're recommending it be used? Why?

Copied from Google:
RapidGator Goes Down, Suspended by Hosting Company

RapidGator.net has been one of the fastest growing file-hosting sites since the demise of MegaUpload.

In less that half a year it grew from zero to millions of users a day.

However, today RapidGator users have been unable to reach their favorite site.

While some fear a second Megaupload-like shutdown, the current outage appears to stem from a dispute with the company’s hosting partner.

“Our hoster have suspended our account. We are working on possible solution,” the company reportedly commented on the downtime.

The above suggests that the cyberlocker is trying to find a new webhost, or attempting to resolve the current issues.

This is not the first time RapidGator goes down. In February the site said it would quit their business after Paypal threw them out. However, the troubled cyberlocker eventually chose to continue operating.

27 Jun 2012 westmansyd -0.64

Answers (3)

  • ronsin 27 Jun 2012

    You ever one of those things stuck in you tooth & you can't get get it out?

  • westmansyd 27 Jun 2012

    Yes - in this case a bloody stupid decison made by what was once a great service here.

  • ronsin 27 Jun 2012

    Yea I'm serious, it hurts. Then I was in the barn & stepped on a rake, it hit me right in the you know where. Now That HURTS.

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